Unusual: they travel around the United States taking with them ... their house!

Unusual: they travel around the United States taking with them ... their house!

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Guillaume and Jenna form a rather atypical couple. These two adventurers have indeed left everything to travel the United States. All ? Well almost ! Because they had the brilliant idea to take with them… their house! Discover in pictures this incredible house that accompanies them throughout their journey.

A small, but cozy home!

BoredPanda It must be recognized that this house is not very large, which is inevitable in order to be able to transport it safely! But even with limited space, the couple managed to create a super cozy interior. Fitted with many recycled objects, this house benefits from a real stove, a stove for heating, a mezzanine bedroom or even plenty of storage such as these superb shelves made with old wooden boxes.

A cozy bedroom

BoredPanda The small house of Guillaume and Jenna was built so as to be able to accommodate a mezzanine which acts as a bedroom. The futon, the patchwork cover and the multicolored cushions give a bohemian and picturesque style to this space, giving the impression of sleeping in a real trailer!

No space is lost!

BoredPanda When you live in a very small house, you have to know how to optimize the space! Here, every corner is used. Thus, the work plan also serves as an office and the armchair has been installed in a recess above which is a second small mezzanine which serves as storage. In this house, even the decorative objects are in fact means of storage, like these ukuleles hanging on the wall, or even skateboards hanging from the ceiling.

Tips to save space

BoredPanda The couple had to redouble their ingenuity to bring everything necessary for their comfort into such a small space. The sofa corner is thus transformed into a dining area thanks to a small folding table fixed to the wall and poufs hidden under the seat of the sofa!

A globetrotting house

BoredPanda The dimensions of this house allow it to be transported everywhere. The couple have already traveled more than half of the United States, their mobile home towed by their car. And they do not intend to stop there!

A small house for a long journey

BoredPanda Guillaume and Jenna abandoned everything, work, friends, family, but also rent too high, to go on an adventure. A radical change which now allows them to fully experience their passions: photography and writing. This trip also allows them to meet people who, like them, have chosen to live in unusual little houses such as treehouses, yurts or boats. You can discover their incredible adventure on their blog Tiny House Giant Journey.