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Visit of the Orchaise Priory botanical park

Visit of the Orchaise Priory botanical park

Here, it is first of all the stone that laid its mark, ten centuries ago, when the monks of Marmoutier dug the foundations of the bell tower and the priory which still rise today, despite lessons from history and time. Ten centuries later, it is another story, plant this one, which is written on this same place thanks to the passionate work of Hubert Treuille, botanist and frequent traveler, who has managed to gather some 2,500 varieties plants from five continents. Geographically, the park overlooks the Cisse valley and offers a panoramic view of the Blois forest. It covers 3 hectares, the botanical trail begins with a "French" space at the foot of the priory, then offers a freer spectacle where flowers and shrubs meet to form harmonious and varied assemblages. Peonies and roses are particularly honored here, each benefiting from two days dedicated to it, in April for the first and in May for the following. ** Orchaise Priory Botanical Park ** Place de l'Église 41190 Orchaise

Orchaise Priory - Mare du Héron

Prieuré d'Orchaise Two pools punctuate the park, bringing a touch of beneficial freshness to the surrounding vegetation, and providing their surface for lotuses and water lilies. However, if the stork so monitors the place, it is certainly more for the taste of amphibians than for the botanical richness of the place.

Prieuré d'Orchaise - the Prieure d'Orchaise

Prieuré d'Orchaise The branches of the large cedar offer its beneficial shade to visitors who can, after a short stop, engage further in the visit towards the "English-style" areas of the park.

Prieuré d'Orchaise - Le Prieure by night

Prieuré d'Orchaise If the foundations of the priory date from the 11th century, the building has evolved a lot since, over the course of the destruction (during the Hundred Years War), reconstructions (at the end of the 15th century) and then modernizations ( in the 19th century, to which it owes its neo-Gothic facade).

Prieuré d'Orchaise - La Transparente

Prieuré d'Orchaise This immaculate white statue that irresistibly attracts the eye, in its green setting, bears the beautiful name of "La Transparente" and is the work of the Romanian sculptor Christian Breazu.

Prieuré d'Orchaise - La rocaille

Prieuré d'Orchaise In the landscaped part of the park, whatever the season, the visitor will enjoy the charm of flowering and foliage whose color or shape will echo those of neighboring species.

Orchaise Priory - Fresco of the Church of Orchaise

Prieuré d'Orchaise Visitors fond of botany can treat themselves to an excursion in the church to admire an astonishing fresco evoking the glorious return of Christ, a visit enlivened by two free audiovisual shows.

Orchaise Priory - Saint-Bathelemy Church

Prieuré d'Orchaise The Romanesque bell tower which adjoins the priory was built in 1060 by the monks of Marmoutiers. The surrounding park offers it a green setting in which it fits with great elegance. In Orchaise, it is possible to walk freely within the green spaces. So much the better, because when the lawn is dotted with daisies, the appeal is irresistible!

Prieuré d'Orchaise - Bas relief from the 12th century

Prieuré d'Orchaise What if the respectful and attentive work of the park's gardeners only echoed that, no less careful and inspired, of the monks who once built?

Prieuré d'Orchaise - Alley of lime trees under the snow

Prieuré d'Orchaise The park closes its doors to visitors from October 31 to April 1, for a time of grooming and winter sleep, essential for the blooms of the following season. This does not mean that the show stops, as evidenced by this magnificent winter scene during which the snow makes the antlers of the trees shine!