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Magimix press presentation: Cook expert, the multifunction food processor

Magimix press presentation: Cook expert, the multifunction food processor

This morning, the editorial team went to the presentation of the latest addition to Magimix: the Cook Expert, a latest generation robot cooker. No more armada of saucepans and back and forth in the kitchen to monitor cooking, like a chef, the Cook Expert takes care of everything in the kitchen. From the preparation of the dishes to their cooking, discover, in preview, this extraordinary cooking robot!

Outstanding design

Aurore Hervé Available in red, black and metallic, the Cook Expert has the advantage of adapting to all Magimix robots already on the market and that's what we like!

The pleasure of cooking like a chef

Aurore Hervé Thanks to its 12 automatic programs and its sensitive interface, the Cook Expert facilitates the development of everyday cooking as well as the most elaborate dishes. Thanks to this smart cooking robot, making a velouté, a grilled soup, a simmered or steamed dish, ice cream, baby food ... becomes child's play. Its more? The automatic rinsing program!

Precise induction cooking

Aurore Hervé A lover of hot food, the Cook Expert is for you! Composed of a double walled stainless steel tank, it allows you to make many hot preparations such as risottos, mashed potatoes, sauces, breads, chocolate mousse or delicious frozen desserts up to 6/8 people and this in record time. In addition, its induction heating system gives it the ability to keep food warm for up to 2 hours without consuming energy.

Steam cooking

Aurore Hervé Perfect for all those who pay attention to their diet and favor a light and tasty cuisine, its 2.5 L steam basket (accompanied by an intermediate tray) enhances the flavor of the products while preserving the crunchiness and color of the vegetables and the fluffy meats and fish. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

A technical expert

Aurore Hervé Multifunction, the Cook Expert also offers the possibility of grating and slicing fruits and vegetables in no time and to perfection. What become a kitchen essential!

A multifunction tank

Aurore Hervé In addition, thanks to its three transparent vats, it allows you to chain preparations such as grated carrots, sliced ​​cucumbers or tartares.

Practical accessories

Aurore Hervé For successful menus every time, the Cook Expert has practical and easy-to-use accessories: a suitable spatula, a stainless steel knife, Sabatier label in particular.

Practical accessories

Aurore Hervé To facilitate the preparation of recipes, it is also accompanied by a universal blade and a white beater. Versatile and all in one, thanks to the Cook Expert Magimix, cooking definitely has no limits.

Prepare everything from starter to dessert

Aurore Hervé The icing on the cake, the Magimix self-cooker is provided with a scale and a cookbook made up of more than 300 recipes specially adapted for the Cook Expert: Aperitifs, stews, desserts, bakery… enough to give us water To the mouth ! A free app is also available for mobile and tablet.