Parade of balconies, small but very cute

Parade of balconies, small but very cute

Despite its small size, you love your balcony. Thanks to it, you take the air in the city and allow yourself to relax in the sun without leaving your apartment. But it is not finished. After filling up on decorating ideas, you will love it even more! Here are a few to steal.


Ikéa ### Well-being takes height! At least that's what this adorable balcony shows us, surrounded by a few green plants and mini vegetable gardens in planters, in the hollow of which a small side table and two chairs signal us to come and enjoy a coffee quietly in the sun.


Leroy Merlin ### Even if it means having a balcony, you might as well give it an air of a mini garden with fake grass! An idea carried by the balcony here, on which the owners take a reading break with their feet in the grass ... or almost!


Leroy Merlin ### Entirely surrounded by greenery, this balcony has turned into a halot of peace in which one can only forget the city greyness and the daily grind. When the green trend climbs to the heights of the city…


Leroy Merlin ### Entirely covered with exotic wood, this small balcony offers its owners very relaxing relaxing breaks to travel out of time without leaving the apartment.


Ikéa ### Although small, this balcony, from the top of its warm colors, its adorable two-seater bench, its potted plants and the soft light of its lamppost warmly invites us to take a seat.


Fly ### The good idea for this balcony? Choosing foldable furniture in different colors that meet both a concern for saving space and the desire to create a cheerful and sparkling atmosphere.


Truffaut ### Upholstered with fake grass on the ground, adorned with a pretty planter, surrounded by a bar table and two colorful chairs, this balcony overlooks the city with charm and simplicity.