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Garden beds at the heart of the trend

Garden beds at the heart of the trend

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A place of relaxation par excellence, the bed could almost be described as sacred. So imagine a little the name of an outdoor bed, combining the pleasure of sleeping and daydreaming in peace and that of enjoying a sunbath or at least, a soft summer breeze when it touches our face. . Named desire, the new summer must-have is simply irresistible to us! Even the most skeptical should not doubt it for long against the 10 models here ...


Truffaut ### In the lazy family, I call the nomadic outdoor bed. Inspired by camp beds before being reinvented behind a natural, sober and chic design, it moves according to our desires to settle wherever we want: on the terrace, in the garden, surrounded by nature ...


Goal ### Sheltered under a large white curtain, this garden bed protects itself from the sun before taking its occupants straight to the tropics. His secret? Spicy colors, an exotic wood structure and other bamboo accessories. Everything to believe you are on vacation.


Maisons du Monde ### The trend of canopy beds is spreading in the garden! Chic and romantic, the model here, surrounded by delicate white sheers leaves us dreaming…


Goal ### On a corner of the terrace, a single bed topped with a futon and deliciously soft cushions makes our eyes soft. After all, who wouldn't be tempted to take a nap in the sun?


Maisons du Monde ### At the edge of the swimming pool, a majestic bed struts proudly. And for good reason ! Its woven resin structure gives it an absolutely chic look and its height-adjustable backrests seem to meet the desires of comfort both at nap time and during reading.


Goal ### Installed in a corner of the terrace decorated under the sign of softness and poetry, this wrought iron bed beckons us to take a place to daydream away from noise and out of time.


Maisons du Monde ### To indulge in a little relaxation outside in absolute comfort, we vote for the bed on casters with a modular base. A real plus allowing it to follow the course of our desires by adapting or not to the shape of our body and by enhancing or not its file.

A square

Maisons du Monde ### Who says outside bed does not necessarily mean double bed, as this model reminds us so well. Something to selfishly bask in the sun solo!


Goal ### Structure in dark wood, shaded with browns and some basketwork placed here and there give this relaxation area a nice ethnic note. To sleep outside under the sign of the scenery.