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Castorama unveils new bathrooms

Castorama unveils new bathrooms

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For the new year, Castorama unveils new solutions that are both practical and decorative for the bathroom. We invite you to discover 10 new images to inspire you at home.

A designer bathroom

Castorama For a more design style, the washbasin cabinet displays clean lines and storage without apparent handle. The practical trick of this bathroom: a backlit mirror.

A natural bathroom

Castorama For a natural atmosphere, Castorama plays the total look with a tile that imitates stone, installed both on the floor and on the walls. A fairly raw wooden sink cabinet completes the decor.

A bathroom for two

Castorama Castorama gives you an original idea of ​​layout with this bathroom which has two basins separated by the shower area so that everyone benefits from their privacy.

A well-defined bathroom

Castorama For the construction of your bathroom, you can opt for large dividing walls which will make it possible to delimit the basin, shower and bathtub spaces. Enough to afford a well-organized bathroom.

A Scandinavian-style bathroom

Castorama For a Scandinavian spirit in the bathroom, we adopt an immaculate white decor thanks to the tiling and we choose a wooden washbasin cabinet that brings the warm touch to the room.

A small, colorful bathroom

Castorama To give maximum style to a small bathroom, Castorama puts on color. The effect is given as well by an acidulous tiling as by the basin cabinet which displays a glossy color.

A practical bathroom

Castorama In this small bathroom, we think above all practical with a small piece of furniture which takes up little space and which nevertheless offers storage space.

A Zen bathroom

Castorama For a Zen style, Castorama opts for a very refined atmosphere which combines gray wood with simple and contemporary tiles. The bathtub plays the design card with an elegant shape.

A revamped bathroom

Castorama Finally, for those who would not like to change the entire bathroom but simply revamp it, Castorama offers a colored resin which gives life to the bathtub and the basin. For your project: request a bathroom quote