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10 rugs to warm your winter

10 rugs to warm your winter

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In the heart of winter, bet on warm rugs that bring comfort to your interior. Long hairs, natural fibers, warm colors overcome the first frosts of winter.

A Scandinavian-inspired rug

Eurodif Coming from the far north, this carpet of Scandinavian origin adds a notion of comfort with its long hairs and its immaculate white color.

A carpet as warm as a coat

Maisons du Monde Nothing like a thick carpet of fur (of course, fake fur) to make the thermometer climb a few degrees.

The indestructible shaggy carpet

Ikea Like a warm coat, warm your mood by betting on a shaggy carpet. Its thickness and its absolute comfort add without context the dose of softness desired to support the winter without worry.

Soft, warm rugs

Muskhane In real felt and euphoric colors, these extremely soft rugs have the power to make us love this cold season.

I want patterns for winter!

Niki Jones Let yourself be tempted by the hypnotic power of geometric patterns to reveal your decor.

Make your decor pink

Fly This rug makes you see life in pink! Of an unusual fuchsia pink in the house, it revives and revives any decor that looks gray. To abuse in all rooms!

Dare to be purple

Maisons du Monde Radiant orchid has been declared color of the year by the world color authority, Pantone®. Its shade, both bright and radiant, lights up any self-respecting interior.

Natural materials, timeless

Vivaraise Take inspiration from warm countries to warm up your decor. To do this, bet on natural materials that you will enhance with lively and invigorating shades. Immediate effect !

Bring in some spring sweetness

Helline While waiting for spring, bring in the colors of this season synonymous with renewal. Pink and soft green will distill their good mood into your decor.