Cushions for a warmer interior

Cushions for a warmer interior

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Nothing like original, designer and colorful cushions to warm up the atmosphere of the living room or bedroom as summer approaches. The colors are summery, pastel or bright, and the bright prints in graphic, ethnic or plant patterns. So, ready to give your interior a sunburn?

Designer cushions for a refreshing pop cocktail!

Maisons du Monde A real vitamin cocktail that this combination of lemon yellow and mint water cushions! They are featured in the very summer Mint & Lemon collection from Maisons du Monde. Refreshing pastel shades to dress the room with designer cushions and bring a summer touch to your interior! A sudden urge to bask? Thank you cushions!

Indoor cushions with plant patterns and bright colors

Hartô Green patterns and pastel shades for the original cushions by Audrey Garel at Hartô. We like the softness of the delicate foliage on a plumetis background, and the edges trimmed in a contrasting acid color. With them, in the bedroom or the living room, we gladly escape, and it's soothing.

Indoor cushions to dress the sofa with peas

The icing on the cake The icing on the cake, the household linen brand of designer Anne Hubert, uses polka dots on its designer cushions made in Portugal. We melt for this pretty rain of golden polka dots deposited on the square cotton models in pastel shades, and the delicacy of the linen on the reverse side. The perfect cushions to bring a summer touch to your sofa!

Varied and original interior cushions for a warm interior

Littlephant - Bemz We love the woven cotton textiles and the playful and cheerful patterns of the Littlephant cushions for Bemz. They readily accumulate on the sofa, varying the prints, because all combinations are allowed to wake up the living room! Sometimes Harlequin with multicolored diamonds, pop with childish leaves, or retro with wise wavelets.

Designer cushions for a unique interior

Emily Humphrey on Made Warm the room with original or even unique cushions? This is the spirit of the Character models imagined by the English designer Emily Humphrey. His ultra-creative pieces in cotton satin are not lacking in charm and humor with their herringbone patterns in which vintage-inspired designs are entangled.

Design and ecological cushions with geometric patterns

Ferm Living With Fragment, Ferm Living signs a very graphic collection, made in ecological cotton. Square, these designer cushions are an ode to geometry (/objet-deco/coussin/actualite-826660-coussin-geometrique.html). They will give character to your interior on a lounge chair or on a bed dressed in plain linen.

Sunny cushions for summer decor

AM.PM Contrasting embroidery and well thought out materials for these cushions from a very elegant AM.PM yellow-black collection. Their sunny graphic lines set the mood in a refined decoration. You immediately smell like a summer scent when they take their places on the sofa!

Indoor cushions with tropical patterns

AM.PM We love the tropical spirit of this rectangular model with leaf print, enhanced by neon pink accents. It will beautifully echo a few succulents to be placed in the room for a real breath of nature. We gladly add other cushions in the same spirit, such as animal motif cushions (/objet-deco/coussin/actualite-826964-coussins-animaux.html), to create a tropical and warm atmosphere!

Indoor cushions that invite you to travel

Ikea Ethnic and vivid, the colors of textiles with batik patterns by Jassa, the new capsule collection from Ikea, will make people envious. As an invitation to travel, these cushions illuminate the living room and blend perfectly with rattan furniture from the 70s. Perfect for warming the room and creating a summer atmosphere.


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