Recreate a pop workshop decor at home

Recreate a pop workshop decor at home

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What we like about the decor is being able to mix several influences. We no longer hesitate to mix a workshop style with a more pop atmosphere as imagined by La Redoute with this atmosphere that we suggest you recreate.

Shopping list: A pop chair

La Redoute To give the pop atmosphere to your living room, treat yourself to a round armchair on a metal base which is inspired by the famous "tulip" armchairs by Knoll.

Shopping list: An original design table

La Redoute In the center of the lounge, we put on this small table with a red tray. The originality of this small piece of furniture: sleek metal legs that give an aerial side to the table.

Shopping list: Decorative libraries

La Redoute To decorate the walls and offer some storage space in the room, bookcases with simple lines are used in a light wood color that links the pop atmosphere with the workshop style.

Shopping list: A graphic carpet

La Redoute To give a warm note to the living room, you can count on a carpet that settles under the living room table. We choose a model that is both graphic in its lines and simple thanks to a trendy gray color.

Shopping list: A TV cabinet on wheels

La Redoute Since the living room is not turned towards the television screen, we adopt a small TV cabinet on casters which will allow the TV to be moved when necessary. A practical tip for a living room that adapts to your needs.

Shopping list: The word workshop

La Redoute To plant the decor, we adopt decorative letters to place in the decor. We then choose the word workshop to play on the ambiguity of the decor.

Shopping list: XXL letter

Maisons du monde And to mix "workshop" style and "pop" style, we also put on a letter in size XXL which will play the card of the offbeat object in your interior. Some models even serve as storage.