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10 fun creations to find at Pa Design

10 fun creations to find at Pa Design

Pa Design is a design editor that counts! With the vocation of publishing objects-ideas, the brand offers many playful objects to enchant everyday life, whether by a surreal or poetic style. Discover 10 creations in pictures.

A cloud suspension

Pa Design For a touch of poetry in the home, the publisher relies on the cloud motif which he declines in light suspension which will be perfect both in the child's room and in an entry.

A scalable lamp

Pa Design This funny calendar is also an evolving light because each page has a new decor. You will also find white models to customize: you can put yourself in the shoes of a designer.

A wall-mounted storage compartment

Pa Design For a practical and aesthetic entry, Pa Design offers this wall-mounted storage compartment that has many compartments to store everything in the blink of an eye. A nice way to dress the walls of this small room.

A sticker effect trivet

Pa Design Because the trivets are not always aesthetic, Pa Design has imagined a model that takes up the idea of ​​a sticker. It then becomes a decorative object in its own right on the table but also in the kitchen when it is not in use.

A house shelf

Pa Design Not only does this small shelf surf on the decorative pattern of the house but it is also very practical. It allows you to keep an open book on the roof, and thus not lose the page you are reading!

An original serving dish

Pa Design For a fun note as an aperitif, we adopt this funny circuit to compose on the table. And to circulate the appetizers, small cars drive on the set thus created. Something to surprise your friends.

An egg cookie cutter

Pa Design To put a good mood on your plate, you will surely fall for the Pa Design cookie cutter which allows you to give a cloud shape to your fried eggs.

An original towel holder

Pa Design To present your napkins on the table, we adopt this small container that plays with the shape of the napkins so as to evoke a paper boat. What make you want to start origami.

A funny accessory for vegetables

Pa Design To give your salad to vegetables a new shape, here is a pencil sharpener imagined for vegetables.