The garden is a living room!

The garden is a living room!

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The garden has become a real extension of the house. We are even talking about an additional room where the living room also finds its place. So when the garden is in the living room, the sofa is installed there for moments of relaxation and conviviality.

A chic sofa like inside

Aim It is not because you are sitting outside that the sofa should not look like real furniture. Choose a sofa with chic lines and which has many cushions as you would for the living room.

A sofa with style

Gervasoni Outside you can also choose furniture that gives style to your garden. You will find for example sofas with very design structures to which we add benches for comfort.

A charming sofa

Maisons du monde To give a charming atmosphere to your garden, choose a sofa that will harmonize with the country atmosphere. Bet on a small wooden bench with a few cushions.

An intimate sofa

Maisons du monde To take advantage of the romantic garden, you can also choose a smaller and more intimate sofa. We offer a two-seater model to curl up in the sun with his half.

A corner sofa for the garden

Maisons du Monde The garden sofas are also inspired by the lines of the interior sofas. You will find, for example, corner sofas that harmonize with very contemporary coffee tables and armchairs.

A complete salon

Conforama To give a living room look to your garden, bet on all the furniture specific to the living room. With you sofa, matching armchairs and coffee table to create a decorative and cozy set.

A living room to structure the space

La Redoute As inside, do not hesitate to use your garden furniture to structure the space. The sofa can for example delimit the lounge area from the pool area.


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