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The desire for exoticism is confirmed in the bedroom

The desire for exoticism is confirmed in the bedroom

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The dream vacation by the Caribbean is not for this year. But rather than lamenting your summer vacation, why not reinvent the decor of your exotic bedroom? After all, it is a luxury to have the feeling of falling asleep in the heart of the tropics… Get inspired!

100% braided kubu, bis

Fly ### And two! This room has also bet on the kubu trend braided in the choice of bed in order to fill the space with an absolutely exotic mood. We love !

Bamboo floor

Castorama ### Entirely covered with bamboo blades on the floor, this room bends to the desires of exoticism and travel having flourished in us facing the approach of summer.


Goal ### Exotic wood for the bed, bamboo pendant lamp and rattan floor lamp, all of which have adopted an ultra-light design. It seems that this room has found the right measure of an exotic atmosphere to perfection.

Colors elsewhere

Maisons du Monde ### Break into a room that thinks it's on vacation. The bluish colors of her headboard, the ink blue color of her bed linen, and the sun yellow hue of the vase placed on her bedside table whisper to us that the beach shed style is not far away. Direction the tropics!

All bamboo

Goal ### Echoing tropical vegetation, this room plays the total bamboo look. A delicious invitation to travel ...

Exotic chic

La Redoute ### The headboard brings out the big game. Dressed in elegant braided abaca spirals, it has the chic to breathe a tropical and refined breath into the bedroom.

Tropical green

Goal ### In a room surfing on the duo of white colors and blond wood, we dropped from the ceiling, a green suspension in hemp rope, which seems suitable for bringing in a little exotic lightness.

Just a little touch

La Redoute ### The classic decor of this room is gently boosted by the presence of a human-sized mannequin in woven rattan and a decorative bamboo ladder. These little things that change the game for an exotic touch!