A cozy apartment cleverly restored

A cozy apartment cleverly restored

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Direction the 3rd arrondissement of Paris where the architect François Corvier achieved the feat of transforming this pretty two-room apartment of 64 m² into a functional and modern three-room apartment. Clean lines, soft colors, tasteful decoration, light and practicality await you in this small, renovated Parisian space. We open the doors of this cozy, design and warm apartment at the same time!

Cozy cocoon

Corvi architecture Nothing superfluous in this small modern living room full of character! A wooden coffee table, a comfortable small sofa, a soft anthracite gray carpet, a light and airy light, two black and white stools, a ladder bookcase and a bedside table make up this warm and sweet decor. The light gray wall and light wood parquet contrast nicely with the dark-hued furniture and decorative accessories.

A kitchen open to the living room

Corvi architecture To create a calm and airy space in this apartment located in a busy district of Paris overlooking the street and exposed to noise pollution, the architect imagined a kitchen open to the dining room and the living room. An ingenious idea which makes it possible to delimit the space intelligently and which offers the couple the opportunity to receive their friends in all conviviality.

Two-color universe

Corvi architecture To create a zen and airy interior, the architect opted in the living room for a two-tone decor. The combination of white and black, the strict lines of the furniture give a design and refined aspect to the room. Here, the purity of white and the elegance of black contrast elegantly to create a very soft balance. Highlighted by the light gray of the walls, the light wooden parquet and the black mirror, the dining table, glass plank on metal trestles becomes the central object of the room. This elegantly translates the architect's obsession with lightness and clarity.

Intelligent demarcation of spaces

Corvi architecture Exit the superfluous partitions, to structure the place and bring dynamism to the room, the architect chose to install a raised bar. This makes it possible to free up the work plan space while making the public's private space stand out. To bring brightness, François Corvi imagined a modular lighting targeted at the level of the ceiling and the bar. This allows you to vary the atmosphere and makes the space functional today.

Sober and chic cuisine

Corvi architecture No color for this small kitchen of only 6 m², but a well thought out layout. In the extension of the living room and the dining room, priority was given to sober shades. The color and the decoration are brought by small touches.

A palette of natural colors

Corvi architecture Natural colors and neutral tones are in the spotlight in this small kitchen. To personalize the space and enlarge it visually, the architect chose to combine the authenticity of light wood with the softness and sobriety of light gray. To bring a chic and modern touch, the appliances have been selected in a black shade and in a chrome material. Functional, the storage units have been arranged around the strategic cooking and washing areas.

An immaculate room

Corvi architecture For the sake of uniqueness, the two bedrooms meet the same color code as in the kitchen, living room and dining room. The gray of the wall, echoing the bed sheet, punctuates this composition full of sobriety. Custom-made, the dressing room brings a practical and functional side to this bare space.

Optimize space

Corvi architecture In the second bedroom with soft colors, an office area has been fitted into the recess in the wall. This trick saves space and delimits space in this room where square meters are lacking.

Graphic composition

Corvi architecture In this space dedicated to well-being and soothing, the mosaic and diamond tiling come into contradiction with the wall covered with "Parisian metro" tiles and energizes the gray and white bathroom. The room is optimized and uncluttered by a washbasin cabinet and a towel dryer hung on the wall. To separate the bath from the toilet, a partition was installed.


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