Decorative cushions… for the outdoors

Decorative cushions… for the outdoors

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Previously reserved for interior decoration, decorative cushions emancipate and invite themselves outside. Indeed, the balcony, the terrace, the garden really become the 5th room of the house. Chic, the exterior will gain in poetry and beauty, the proof in pictures.

Cushions on the outdoor stools

Fly Concrete is in the spotlight in decor, inside and out. But if we love its chic gray, loft gray look, in terms of comfort, to sit down, we are less overwhelmed by concrete ... unless we have superb cushions on the stools, very soft and nicely striped, to the aesthetic aspect.

Cushions on the garden bench

Fly What if we had cushions dressed in plant motifs to enhance the natural style of this adorable wooden garden bench? Good idea !

Cushions on the balcony chair

Ikéa When the balcony stands with tiles, it is impossible to resist. Whose fault is it ? With sublime red or multicolored checkered cushions that proudly dress the outdoor chair.

Cushions on the bench

Alinéa The miracle solution to bring a summer note to the terrace without having to change the furniture, here it is, a nice duo of tart cushions!

Cushions on the floor

Purpose More nomadic than the sofa or the armchair, the floor cushions are perfect when it comes to multiplying the seats outside! And of course, we prefer them in a colored version, since the word color rhymes with summer.

Cushions arranged on a plaid

Ikéa Improviser a picnic in the garden, okay. But making it as beautiful as it is good is better! Here are your best allies: a series of cushions of all shapes, sizes and colors that will liven up your lunch with gaiety and lightness.

Cushions on the deckchair

Goal The success story of decorative cushions for the outdoors continues on the deckchair! Demonstration with this classic style Chilean chair that an all-blue cushion highlights.

Cushions on the armchairs

Alinéa Under an arbor installed in the garden, white cushions adorned with round or flowery patterns easily energize a series of three armchairs. To make the invitation to relax more beautiful!

Cushions on the lawn

Botanic In order to relax on the garden lawn, we equip ourselves with a few floor cushions, combining compact models with very soft models. Ideal for alternating chat and nap breaks!


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