A practical children's room!

A practical children's room!

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To optimize space in the child's bedroom, we can count on a few very practical tips. Storage, layout and decoration, discover our advice in pictures.

All in one rooms

Espace Loggia When you have little space, you can turn to full rooms that include a high bed, a desk but also storage. If you have several children in the same room, this furniture is ideal.

A painting on the wall

Decorative House Children often ask for a blackboard in their bedroom, but to avoid taking up floor space, they put on a blackboard paint which is installed on the wall. The wall surface then becomes a play area!

Drawers under the bed

Paragraph To store bed linen or some toys, we think of installing a drawer under the bed. Note that you can replace the drawer with storage boxes on wheels that will be placed in the same way.

A storage wall

Fly To decorate the wall in a decorative way while offering maximum storage space, install lockers on the entire wall surface.

Bench child bedroom

Paragraph ## Two-in-one furniture Consider using each piece of furniture for two functions. For example, you can use a low storage unit to create a small bench by adding cushions on top of the unit.

Separate two spaces

Leroy Merlin To separate two spaces in the bedroom, think of Japanese panels. You will be able to isolate an office or a sitting area but also the space of each child if they share their room.

An extra bed

Leroy Merlin If your child likes to invite friends over to your house, you can opt for an extra bed that fits under your child's bed. You don't waste space when your child is alone.

Coat hooks on the walls

Leroy Merlin To put away in an original way, we put on the hooks! You can hang storage baskets or even directly hang some toys.

Modular furniture

Leroy Merlin Finally, we think of creating a modular space that will adapt to the different ages of your child. For furniture, nothing like lockers to be modulated to create different pieces of furniture!