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Airbnb: artist loft in the 19th in Paris

Airbnb: artist loft in the 19th in Paris

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In the heart of Paris, in the 19th century, you will find on Airbnb, a superb artist loft. In this beautiful atypical 130 m² space, Catherine's world is colorful and inspired, even in her sculpture workshop. And on the 60 m² terrace, it feels like the countryside…

Mosaic bar

Airbnb Central point of the open kitchen, this bar covered with colorful mosaics.

Dining area

Airbnb In a part of the 60 m² living room, there is a table corner under chandelier with pendants and surrounded by objects, like so many vintage treasures. We like the mismatched chairs around the table.

Living room

Airbnb The seating area lights up with colors. At the back, we can see the sculpture workshop.

Catherine's workshop

Airbnb Facing the living room, Catherine lets her creativity speak in her sculpture workshop.

Quiet room

Airbnb The walls of the room are white, the bed linen calls for calm. The repainted chest of drawers and the large antique mirror recall the spirit of the apartment. All around the door, books.

Bathroom under skylight

Airbnb Impressive bathroom with shower, bathtub and large skylight.

The House

Airbnb The loft is on the 1st floor of the building.

60 m² terrace

Airbnb As for the terrace, it is no less than 60 m², quiet and exposed west from 10 am until sunset. We like the simple and raw spiral staircase.

Lazing on the terrace

Airbnb Tranquility guaranteed in the heart of Paris… More info: Catherine's announcement