Dinosaurs invade the house

Dinosaurs invade the house

While the new Jurassic Park will be released in June 2015, its main characters, the dinosaurs, have decided to no longer be content with the children's room and are moving around the house. Funny coat hooks, unique cake displays, homemade plant holders, here are our 10 decor ideas with dinosaurs snapped on Pinterest.

A dinosaur cake stand

Urban Outfitters - Seletti You want to impress your guests at your next brunch? Surely these cake displays in the shape of dinosaurs will have their little effect once placed on the table. Sources: Urban Outfitters & Made in design

A dinosaur as a lamp

Niteangel - That Hapa Chick Add a touch of originality to your children's room decor by buying them a small dinosaur lamp or making it yourself. Sources: Amazon {rel = "nofollow"} & That Hapa Chick

A hooked dinosaur

Urban Outfitters - FoundBeautyStudioArt Do your kids love dinosaurs? This is good there are coat hooks that take the heads of the best known of them like the tyrannosaurus or the triceratops. Nice, right? Sources: Urban Outfitters & Etsy

Dinosaurs glued to the dishes

Endlesslyinspired - Juxtapositionsc Your glass jars or your cups seem a little dull? Quickly recover the old dinosaur figures that your children no longer use, bomb them, stick them on and admire the result! Sources: Endlesslyinspired & Juxtapositionsc

A dinosaur as a bookend

Doodlecraftblog - The Weekend Homemaker Your library will tremble with terror once you have installed these dinosaurs as bookends. Sources: Doodlecraftblog & The Weekend Homemaker

A dinosaur coming out of the wall

Plastidermy Wow! We love these bulging gold toys that seem to come out of the wall to devour us. Small corner, living room, entrance, all rooms can adopt it! Source: Etsy

A dinosaur in the terrarium

Yellow Brick Home - Lovelyterrariums Terrariums are more popular than ever in our interiors. So that yours does not look like that of your neighbor, we advise you to add some dinosaur figurines, left in their juice or repainted. Sources: Yellow Brick Home & Etsy

A dinosaur toilet paper holder

The Chic Home A diplodocus to stage your toilet paper? Why not ! We retain the idea. Source: The Chic Home

A dinosaur carrying plants

PlaidPigeon Bomb your dinosaur toy in the color of your choice, create an opening to slide the earth, add your green plant and enjoy a really original pot in your interior! Source: Etsy