10 concrete-colored atmospheres

10 concrete-colored atmospheres

Long shrouded in decoration, the gray color is now in the spotlight. Its democratization, it owes it to the fashion of lofts and the industrial style. Discover 10 atmospheres throughout the house around the nuance "concrete".

Concrete color in the room

Fly ### Dressed in a concrete gray color in its rough state, the walls of this room reinforce the elegance of the room by bringing it a lot of character.

Concrete color on the terrace

Fly ### For the garden table and its stools, we opted for a "concrete" aspect: color, rough feel… Result? An atmosphere that is both urban and modern on the terrace!

Concrete color in the bathroom

Paragraph ### You are not convinced by the choice of concrete furniture to furnish the bathroom? Okay. But at least let yourself be convinced by the color of this industrial material which will illuminate the room dedicated to relaxation with rare elegance.

Concrete color in the room

Fly ### The flagship color of the industrial style emancipates itself from lofts to elegantly dress a bedroom in a feminine and romantic style.

Concrete color in the room

Leroy Merlin ### From floor to wall, this room celebrates grays, but not just any grays. These were borrowed from the palette of industrial grays, including concrete.

Concrete color in the kitchen

Leroy Merlin ### The furniture in this small kitchen is dressed in a light concrete color which suits it perfectly! Chic in all simplicity.

Concrete color in the living room

Fly ### It's the textile's turn to follow the trend of 100% gray like concrete, before dressing up with style, the lounge chairs.