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Cendrine's beautiful decoration address in Saumur, Le Patio

Cendrine's beautiful decoration address in Saumur, Le Patio

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The editorial staff of Téva Déco takes you to Saumur, on the Route des Rois, to discover Cendrine Dominguez's beautiful address: Le Patio. This large 17th century residence which once housed pilgrims has regained its original vocation since today it offers 5 guest rooms that combine decor and authentic charm.

The house was originally a former coaching inn

Le Patio Saumur The house was built by the architect of King Louis XV. The architecture has remained as is. It is a house of 600 m2 which has always been well maintained and restored with good materials. It just took a little decoration to bring it back to life.

The decoration mixes genres

The Patio Saumur On the decor side, the owner likes mixes and combines different eras to offer a pleasing contrast to the look.

The living room

Le Patio Saumur It is in a spirit of "living room of pigs" that you will find your ease. Black benches, black top hats, raw wood ... set the tone for the decoration.

The turquoise room

Le Patio Saumur All the rooms have been restored with respect for the house. Here, in the turquoise bedroom, the mixture of contemporary colors like turquoise and chocolate brown goes hand in hand with period furniture. Price per night with breakfast from 85 €

The white room

Le Patio Saumur The white bedroom is decorated in a Provencal style. The colors are very clear with a crossing of light. Price per night with breakfast from 85 €

The Loire room

Le Patio Saumur The green room features soft colors and gives pride of place to natural materials. Coconut floors, cotton bedspreads, beams, velvet cushions help create a soothing and serene climate. Price per night with breakfast from 85 €

The green room

Le Patio Saumur Spacious and comfortable, the green room offers a pleasant setting with its soft tones. A thick carpet further accentuates this soft effect to create a real cocoon. Price per night with breakfast from 95 €

The blue room

Le Patio Saumur The royal blue carpet is enhanced with red textiles. The whole is warmed by exposed beams and wooden furniture as well as thick carpets. Price per night with breakfast from 95 €

The patio

Le Patio Saumur Breakfast is served either in the dining room or when the weather permits outside in the patio in the shade of the vegetation.


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