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10 Ikea credenzas that we would see at home

10 Ikea credenzas that we would see at home

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For the fitted kitchen, it is difficult today to miss Ikea. Not necessarily to buy but inspiration side, it must be admitted that the Swedish brand knows how to seduce. No matter the size of your room, your budget or your desires, there is always an Ikea kitchen that speaks to you! And this is not limited to furniture: we like the ideas they offer us for storage, tables, dishes and even household appliances. And even the credenzas! Besides, since we're talking about it, here are 10 ideas for credenzas at Ikea that we would like to have at home.

Personalized credenza

Ikea The Personlig credenza is made to your measurements. Several models exist according to the style of your kitchen: laminate, glass, acrylic or mineral powder. The splashback is proof against heat, water and grease. Please note, it must not be combined with gas hobs.

Mosaic-style credenza

Ikea For those who wish to maintain the ease of maintenance of the tiles but with a modern touch, why not opt ​​for a mosaic credenza? In black, this wall panel is really trendy and completely fitting with the Ikea Hyttan kitchen.

Stainless steel credenza

Ikea Still in the Personlig series from Ikea, the stainless steel splashback is obvious when you choose a kitchen that plays the metal card to the core. To soothe the whole room and avoid a clinical appearance, we put color on our walls like here a powdery blue.

Bricks splashback

Ikea A low budget but totally decorative solution! Recover a few bricks from the ground to put them in a splashback, thus keeping a visual unity and the rustic spirit of this kitchen.

Credenza Fastbo white and gray leaf

Ikea The most decorative of the Fastbo splashbacks with its patterns of white or gray leaves (unless they are clouds). Whichever Fastbo credenza you choose, you will need to install it on the walls of your kitchen with the coordinated rods. You can easily change your credenza as you see fit.

Credenza bars

Ikea If you want to keep your wall bare, you can also turn to the credenza bars, which are handy for additional storage. On this side, Ikea is full of ideas to dress your walls: knives, utensils, pots and even aromatic herbs. Everything will be at your fingertips!

Credenza Fastbo black tile effect

Ikea Last Fastbo credenza with this time a black tile effect. A wise choice for a kitchen with furniture with more intense colors such as eggplant or green.

Cement tile credenza

Ikea Still in the same spirit as the tiles, but in a more colorful and festive version. The cement tiles splashback "disturbs" (in the good sense of the word) this kitchen a little too wise.

Without credence: the return of the tiles

Ikea The tiles in the kitchen are not dead, on the contrary, they are coming back in force in retro-style kitchens. So, even more need to install a credenza. The walls are washable at will!