Decorative coaching: Sébastien's living room

Decorative coaching: Sébastien's living room

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Sébastien who wants to make his living room a harmonious and friendly space. If, like Sébastien, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decoration coaching!




** Integrate the kitchen into the living room ** - Your kitchen is already semi-open: the idea is to modify the current organization of your living room in order to further integrate the kitchen into the living room. - You will thus create a coherent and convivial living and kitchen living room. And you benefit from the volume by counterbalancing the length of the space. - In order to warm up the space and give it a real personality, paint the full wall, facing the kitchen as well as the return to the window, in a sober and neutral but nevertheless colored shade, like a celadon green or a green of Grey. - The other walls will remain white in order to highlight the different volumes and keep the clarity you need in this rather dark room. ** Reorganize the living room area ** - You will then completely reverse the current layout of your living room. - Dress the wall facing the open kitchen with a generous 2.70 meter sofa: it will decorate the space elegantly and will be the centerpiece of the living room. - To avoid cluttering the space, an oval Scandinavian-style table will sit the decor; with a sub-tray, it will allow you to store your books or magazines. - For conviviality, imagine a closed circle around the lounge area with the armchair, associated with two bar chairs which will turn towards the kitchen or the lounge, as needed.


** Identify a relaxation and TV corner ** - The long room allows you to create a relaxation and TV corner. - Create a visual break by placing an extra bench seat against the wall of the sofa and leaning against the wall of the alcove. Choose it in a slightly deep gray, and dress it with cushions that take up the tones of the living room and bring it more comfort. - Facing it, a TV stand, original in its shape, finds its place in the corner of the two opposite walls. - Accessorize the relaxation area with an extra pouffe so that your daughter can watch TV in total well-being. Linen curtains provide the final touch. ** Accessorize the living room ** - The wall which is glued to that of the dining room is warmed by two black metal bookcases, their clean lines will accessorize your living room with elegance and modernism. - Above the sofa, place frames taking care to keep the same space between each of them. You can put photos to personalize your decor. - Two rugs, one in braided jute for the sofa corner and the other smaller in hand-woven wool for the TV corner, will delimit the spaces and make them warmer. The tones and materials remain natural and elegant. ** Work on the lighting ** - The most important thing in your living room is of course to dress your bulbs ... The central suspension must be at least 40 cm in diameter in order to be a decorative element in its own right. - It will take on the natural and soft tones of your new living room while making a reminder of the wood of the table. - The wall lamp with articulated arm above the sofa will bring a little designer touch and will subtly combine with the few black touches of the living room.