So fashion walls

So fashion walls

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Fashion outfit required. This is the new dress code for the bedroom walls, which has been kindly imposed by fashion-conscious owners. For the occasion, they lend themselves to the game of a 100% feminine makeover led by a fine selection of wallpapers, stickers and accessories absolutely trendy.

Trendy accessories by the dozen

Ikea ### Boots, gloves, glasses, hats, suspenders, fan: the wall has definitely been full of very fashionable accessories. Did you say fashion?

Fashion attitude for wallpaper

Ferm Living ### Miniature silhouettes in series create diversion on the wall. But not only ! Looking closely, they indeed represent a photo shooting session in the fashion world, since we recognize the model, the makeup artist, the photographer ... Hyperchic the wallpaper.

Fashion attitude for the frieze

Ferm Living ### Second copy of the fashion silhouettes, adhesive wall frieze version!

Decorative heels

Ikéa ### Tired of being constantly at our feet, the shoes with heels climb on the walls of the room to make their beautiful and stand out. Challenge met !

Deco wardrobe

Ferm Living ### Any self-respecting fashionista can explain how dear their wardrobe is to them. A character line nicely mimicked by this sticker having traced the silhouette of 3 hangers on which a scarf, a belt, a waistcoat or a dress sway the air of nothing.

Fashion coat hooks

Paragraph ### What a pity to hide your jewelry in a drawer! At least that's what the wall of this room tends to say, on which coat hooks with feminine silhouettes proudly display Madame's necklace and bracelets.

Vertical fashion accessories

Ikea ### Let's stop putting our scarves, hats, bags and other fashion accessories in the dresser! It's time to expose these little wonders for everyone to see by nailing the walls before hanging everything!

Block shoes

Lisa Bengtssonimage ### A dozen pairs of women's shoes are hidden behind this black and white wallpaper showcasing the favorite pastime of the fairer sex: shopping!

Sewing mannequin sticker version

Easystic ### The elegant silhouette of a couture mannequin wearing a pretty strapless dress gives the wall of this room a damn feminine note to which we say yes!