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10 inspirations for a flowery living room

10 inspirations for a flowery living room

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No, flowers don't just bud in the garden. Wallpaper, carpets, curtains, wall decoration, accessories and prints provide fertile ground for flower decoration. Supporting proof in this selection of 10 flower salons that sing in chorus of the arrival of sunny days. "Come home, spring is singing ..."!

2 / Flowers sown on the cushions for a flowery decor

Zara Home Sometimes it is enough to sow small flowers on the sofa and the coffee table to blow a breath of freshness into the decor. Demonstration in pictures with this interior that brings spring into the house with small floral touches scattered on the embroidered and printed linen cushions. In this living room we sing "long live Flower Power" a cappella…

3 / A flowery decoration with magnolias on the curtains

Anthropology "Hundreds of magnolias, magnolias like before ...", sang Claude François. Here the magnolias pass by the window to hang on the cotton flower curtains. Worthy of a Fauvist canvas, these large flowers, colored in bold tones, set rhythm in the decor of the living room.

4 / Wallpaper for a flowery living room

Think Noir Wallpaper This vinyl or removable wallpaper integrates the floral universe in all subtlety. The small, stylized flowers in a minimalist watercolor style give the living room decor a pretty romantic, graphic and flowery touch. We are far from the kitsch rendering of 1970s wallpaper.

5 / A decor like cabinet of curiosities… plants

Hübsch Interior Inviting green plants and flowers (the real ones) into your interior is still the best way to make the living room bloom. Pots hanging on the shelves of the showcase, flowers growing in soliflores, polymorphic planters and now the living room takes on the air of a cabinet of curiosities… plants!

6 / The herbaria make the wall

Floral collage This set of 8 frames transforms the herbarium of our childhood into a highly noticed wall decoration. Showcasing dried and pressed leaves and flowers, these prints beautifully sow nature in the decor of the living room. Bucolic and poetic at will…

7 / Pop colors bloom on the armchairs

Anthropologie To awaken the decor from its long winter sleep, these armchairs in pop colors spotted at Anthropologie are no less. This daring mixture of colors and floral patterns literally thrills us.

8 / A 100% vegetable melting pot (s)

Ikea Atmosphere "Andalusian patio party" on this interior plant wall. Hanging planters and pots fixed on rods make up a flowery, vegetal and vibrant decoration. Good humor has the last word here!

9 / Macrame suspensions for a flowery living room

Blitzhawaii The living room decor is in tune with spring with this pretty macrame pendant light. To change from the traditional flower pot we stage a vase decorated with fresh flowers. A bubble of poetry floats in the decor, as light as the beautiful season that is reborn ...

10 / Generous flowers on the carpet

La Redoute It's time for the final bouquet with this giant flowerbed which completes our slideshow around the flowered lounges… Generous shapes, vigorous colors and beautiful flowers drawn in a watercolor style make up this XXL rug.


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