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The flowers of low walls and rock garden in spring

The flowers of low walls and rock garden in spring

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In spring, the low walls and rock gardens put on their festive clothes, in bright colors. Flowering generally spreads from April to June. Then the foliage remains decorative and can be reminiscent of a carpet. Just a little earth between the stones and the tufts find their place and are growing from year to year. They are also found on the edge of massifs. All are perennial and can even develop between the stones of a vertical wall.

Flowers of the walls: the armeria or Spanish lawn

J-F. Mahé The armeria, or Spanish lawn, presents leaves like a tuft of dense grass, but in the shape of thorns of a few centimeters. It is covered from May to July with bright pink to red flowers, about ten centimeters. It is suitable for embankments, slopes or borders.

Flowers of the walls: the moss phlox

J-F. Mahé Purple in color, the phlox moss is a bushy perennial, fifteen centimeters high. It grows in tufts on the slopes, borders, low walls and gives beautiful spots of purple, bright pink or purple color.

Flowers of the walls: the aubriète

J-F. Mahé Mauve or lilac in color, the aubriète resembles the bellflower. It flowers from May to June on borders, wall cracks, rock walls. Its flowers are no more than 20 cm high. It divides easily.

Flowers of the low walls: the cererist

J-F. Mahé The cererist is a perennial, lush, 15 to 20 cm tall. Its leaves are coated with a silky, silvery coat, its multiple flowers are pure white. It creates very pretty borders, lines walls and rockeries and resists drought. It multiplies in clumps.

Flowers of the walls: the bright pink moss phlox

J-F. Mahé Another variety of foam phlox, this time of an intense bright pink.

Flowers of the walls: the alyssum

J-F. Mahé L'alysse is one of the best perennials for rock gardens or borders. From a height of 15 to 20 cm, it resists drought and is covered with a multitude of golden yellow flowers from April to June. It is easily cut.

Flowers of the low walls: the bellflower

J-F. Mahé The small chalices open in corollas and form a delicate carpet covering the wall with hot stones. Bellflowers like the sun, and like in acidic soils and mountainous regions. There are edible varieties.

Flowers of the low walls: the sedum caeruleum

J-F. Mahé Uncommon, this wild sedum with blue flowers, likes in Sardinia, Corsica and on the island of Malta where it originates. It is Corsican and rests on a branch of wood.

Flowers of the walls: the phlox Purple Beauty

J-F. Mahé This is another variety of phlox with small purple flowers. It will find its place on rock gardens and sunny walls. Its lovely flowering lasts until summer.

Flowers of the low walls: the arabis or silver basket

J-F. Mahé The arabis or silver basket is a plant with green foliage, whose abundant white flowers fall from the top of the walls or cover the ground. It proliferates from year to year and divides easily.