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10 decorative inspirations to get away from it all

10 decorative inspirations to get away from it all

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The Maison & Objet theme of January 2014 celebrates the desire for elsewhere with Elsewhere. The opportunity for you to travel through decorative atmospheres from the end of the world.

An exotic atmosphere on the terrace

For an exotic-inspired terrace, we set up an elegant table enhanced by a few flowers and lanterns. For the layout of the space, a bench seat with a few cushions will be perfect for setting up.

A fountain for the Zen spirit

In your garden, a fountain will be ideal to give a Zen atmosphere to your outdoor space. We do not hesitate to choose plants that can settle directly in the water for an exotic spirit.

Lush vegetation

In your garden, bet on a multitude of exotic plants to evoke the lush landscapes of Asian countries.

A garden bar

In countries where the climate is rather mild, we do not hesitate to live outside. Thus, the best moments are spent in the garden where a bar is set up to make refreshing fruit cocktails.

A wooden terrace

To give an exotic atmosphere to your terrace even if you live in Normandy, opt for a fairly dark wooden covering. Some plants and natural furniture and voila.

A bed with sheers

To protect themselves from insects, rooms in distant countries are adorned with curtains that surround the bed. At home, do the same to give a travel atmosphere to your room.

Traditional furniture

To give a traditional atmosphere to your interior or even your garden, choose furniture that is inspired by the crafts of Asian countries by mixing, for example, exotic wood and wrought iron.

A swimming pool for traveling

When we think of vacations at the end of the world, we necessarily think of a swimming pool. If you are lucky enough to own one at home, accessorize it with natural furniture and exotic plants to travel without leaving your home.

Garden furniture for relaxation

And to relax while enjoying the warm weather soon, treat yourself to garden furniture that invites you to relax like this canopy perfect for a nap. More inspiration here