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I want a vegetable garden!

I want a vegetable garden!

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Gardens, Garden was the occasion to note the craze for vegetable gardens in the countryside but also in the city. So you can now cultivate a vegetable patch on your balcony or on your terrace. Here are some ideas for creating a vegetable patch at home.

A potted vegetable patch

Gardens, Garden / Home Productions Some plants do not require much space to be grown. We can then opt for flower pots of different sizes to grow herbs but also strawberries or other plantations.

A fenced vegetable patch

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions If you have a garden, you can choose to create a vegetable patch in the ground. But so that it does not encroach on the rest of the space, you can opt for a pretty wooden fence. We rather put on trendy colors for the decorative effect!

A vegetable patch

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions Whether on the balcony, the terrace or even in the garden, you can opt for a large square tub that will allow you to grow all kinds of plantations such as parsley or zucchini.

A vegetable garden for salads

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions If you want your vegetable garden to green your balcony, bet on a tank in which you will only grow salad. When they grow, they will offer you a very aesthetic green space.

A vegetable garden for several crops

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions Conversely, if you want to grow several varieties in the same vegetable patch, consider opting for pretty labels that will decorate the space and remind you of what you have planted.

A vegetable patch in a wheelbarrow

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions Finally, for an offbeat style, why not cultivate your vegetable garden in a wheelbarrow? You can plant tomatoes or strawberries in an original way!