Airbnb: the Parisian loft of Magdalena

Airbnb: the Parisian loft of Magdalena

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Airbnb is definitely full of nuggets! Here we are in Paris, in the Magdalena loft. An Englishwoman in Paris in a sleek and well thought out artist loft! In the large living room, kitchen, living room and dining room coexist under a pleasant skylight ...

Loft under skylights

Airbnb Beautiful volumes for this large living room. On the ceiling, a skylight illuminates the whole while the bedroom space is defined without closing the space thanks to the glass roofs.

A large room, several spaces

Airbnb If the space of this living room is huge, Magdalena has managed to create several separate spaces without putting up partitions.

Dining area

Airbnb Beautiful worked wooden table and orange plastic chairs create the dining space, surrounded by large paintings.

Living room

Airbnb In this large white room, Magdalena has created a cozy sitting area with sofas and velvet armchair.

Open kitchen

Airbnb From the master bedroom, we see the kitchen open to the living room. We like the mottled furniture which makes the link between kitchen and dining area.

Master bedroom

Airbnb The master bedroom is separated by a large glass wall.


Airbnb In the master bedroom, there is the bathroom with a central bathtub and a view of the garden.

Mezzanine bedroom

Airbnb Overlooking the lounge area, there is a bedroom with a mezzanine bed. More info: Magdalena's announcement