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Insect shelters

Insect shelters

Despite their small size, insects provide many services in the garden, acting as a natural pesticide. So to thank them, we build a shelter just for them outside, to draw from the adorable collection here!

Insect box

Truffaut ### Planted in the garden, this wooden support in the shape of a mini roof with holes should attract insects beneficial to the pollination of plants and to the natural regulation of aphids and other parasites. An insect box like this one, discreet, natural and very functional, it cannot be refused!

Ladybug tower

Truffaut ### What nature lover can resist this tower in the shape of a wooden log pierced with small holes welcoming our friends the ladybugs?

Bumblebee kit

Truffaut ### The presence of bumblebees, we gladly do without it at mealtime, but in the garden, their pollinating function remains essential. So for a good cause, we hang on a tree trunk, this ceramic house in the shape of a beehive, simply chewable!

Solitary bee log

Truffaut ### Definitely, the bees are very caring, since here is another copy of shelter just for them! The little extra? Its wooden log shape blends harmoniously into the landscape of the garden…

Butterfly house

Nature & Découvertes ### The most beautiful insect never ceases to enchant us. Thanks to a shelter dedicated to him, perhaps we can admire him fluttering closer!

Insect hotel

Nature & Découvertes ### We have not finished thanking the insects for the services rendered in the garden. With this "hotel" to place in a sunny place, protected from wind and rain; bees, ladybugs, earwigs, green lacewings ... find a room to spend the winter! Blow of heart for this unusual shelter which sees the life of insects in big.

Insect hotel

Nature & Découvertes ### Second view of the unique, incredible, the only insect hotel ... this time open!