10 built-in hoods as discreet as they are efficient

10 built-in hoods as discreet as they are efficient

Do you want to say goodbye to cooking smells, while preserving a kitchen that is as decorative as it is welcoming? So forget the imposing hoods, and let yourself be inspired by these 10 built-in designer hoods, which combine discretion with efficiency.

A retractable and discreet hood

De Dietrich Functional, discreet and efficient, here is a retractable hood that has everything to please you! Signed De Dietrich, we already imagine it in our kitchen…

A built-in hood that merges with lighting

Elica For even more discretion, this built-in hood merges with lighting.

A built-in hood mixing glass and steel

Faber Savant mixture of glass and steel, this is a hood that does not even look like it. Similar to a light fixture, it completes the decoration of this open kitchen, with breathtaking views of the New York skyline.

A drawer hood

Novy Telescopic, this extractor hood unfolds and adapts to your needs, while fading into the line of wall cabinets. Once folded, it lets itself be completely forgotten.

A hood built into a kitchen cupboard

Schmidt Another decorative idea to make the hood disappear? Embed it in a closet, so it is an integral part of the kitchen, without showing off.

A hood similar to a light fixture

Elica Design at will, we fell in love with this hood built into a module, which blends perfectly with the decor. Looking like trait for trait to a classic light, we can only applaud the idea!

A hood integrated into the work plan

Novy And for optimal suction efficiency, this hood has been integrated into the worktop. Maximum discretion.

A hood that knows how to be forgotten

Ikea Invisible. When the hood disappears completely, it is even difficult to distinguish it. Can you find it?

A wall hood

Schmidt Perfectly integrated into your kitchen decor, this wall hood offers a contemporary design as desired.