Our 5 favorite hotels for a weekend in Paris

Our 5 favorite hotels for a weekend in Paris

When we think of Parisian hotels, the names of palaces are the first that come to mind. However, the capital is full of lesser-known addresses which are also exceptional and often more unexpected. So for your next weekend in Paris, the editorial team will reveal its 5 favorite addresses.

Mama Shelter rooms

Mama Shelter In the rooms of the hotel, the arty immersion continues with a black decor which reveals decorative objects offset like this wall quote or the super hero wall lamp which will delight older children.

The Banke Hotel

Hôtel Banke Back in the center of Paris with the Hôtel Banke which will blow your mind! Here, everything is only splendor and luxury in profusion with shimmering red and gold to underline the whole of the ornamentation.

The rooms of the Banke hotel

Hôtel Banke In the rooms, the decor remains sumptuous with a Haussmann style sublimated by gilding and original accessories that dare to mix styles. The Banke hotel or how to twist the Haussmann style.

Hotel W

Hotel W Not far from the Banke hotel, the W benefits from a location close to the Opéra Garnier, which then offers the visitor its incredible architecture. And since the hotel is also located near department stores, it plays the couture card with a very fashionable decoration.

The rooms of the hotel W

Hotel W The rooms play the feminine card with elegance. The textiles are well chosen and the decorative objects bring a contemporary note to this revisited Parisian decor.

The Montmartre Mon Amour hotel

Montmartre mon amour Here is a true declaration of love for the city of Paris that you can discover at the foot of the Sacré Coeur. This poetic and very Parisian setting, we owe it to the decorator Sandrine Alouf who did not hesitate to wink at France as here in the library where the works of Victor Hugo or Baudelaire settle in the shelves .

The rooms of the Montmartre Mon Amour hotel

Montmartre mon amour In the bedrooms, the love story continues with wall decorations made from digital prints that distil a Parisian decor of yesteryear and a few poetic phrases.

The ORiginal Hotel

Hôtel ORiginal This shining hotel is due to the creative poetics of Stella Cadente who has put her world to work in 38 rooms, each one more beautiful than the last. From the lobby, the tone is set with this mysterious universe which transports us to a dreamed Paris.

The ORiginal hotel rooms

ORIGINAL HOTEL In the rooms, the magic continues with iridescent tones and a Snow Queen-style atmosphere that changes from traditional hotels to spend a magical moment in the capital.