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10 travel destinations for the fair

10 travel destinations for the fair

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This summer, the living room, the central pivot of the house, will also take a vacation. The destination ? It is in the hands of its owners and their travel desires during their "sofa" break. Direction ocean, mountain, city or a foreign destination: the choice is yours!

In Latin America

Maisons du Monde ### Destination Cuba! Surrounded by sunny colors, mythical photographs, woven rattan armchairs and some green plants, the living room takes the direction of the tropics for a total change of scenery.

In the countryside

Maisons du Monde ### To extend the relaxing weekend in the countryside, we recreate the traditional softness that reigns there: light colors, charming bench seat, clock with Roman numerals, seagrass underfoot…

In African land

Maisons du Monde ### Total change of scenery in the living room when it soaks up the colors of Africa! An ethnic note that is good for morale at the end of the working day.

At the mountain

Maisons du Monde ### Brown palette, woody ambiance, brown leather sofa and animal skin armchair: welcome to the chalet!

In the city

Maisons du Monde ### If vacation rhymes with a city getaway, why not take the show to a big city? Sometimes a detail is enough to allude to London, Paris or New York in the decor…

In Asia

Maisons du Monde ### For lovers of the Asian continent, why not choose a country and be inspired by it to make the show travel? Example in image with a decor with Indian accents.

On the islands

Maisons du Monde ### Okay, it's not about walking with your feet in the sand in the living room! On the other hand, nothing prevents us from being inspired by tropical islands to create the decor and escape in two or three movements! On the menu: bright colors and natural materials.

In the Maghreb

Maisons du Monde ### Wrought iron bench, lanterns and tealight holders multiplied by tens and shimmering fabrics: this is how to escape beyond the Mediterranean without leaving your home.