It's decided, I boost my lunch box!

It's decided, I boost my lunch box!

We all know that bringing lunch with you to your workplace limits compulsive snacking, saves sad canteen trays, repetitive sandwiches and overly heavy daily specials from the local brewery. However, preparing something to fill your lunch box every day can seem tedious and requires a lot of organization. In addition, you can quickly be short of ideas when the exercise is repeated several times a week, and end up always having the same salad, at the risk of abandoning your good resolutions for the start of the school year. Here are some ideas to wake up your creativity with recipes that are easy to make but throw away!

A message banana

Pane & acqua Do you have difficult days in the office and your morale needs to be boosted? Slip a benevolent note, a mantra or an inspirational quote into your bento! Another idea: engrave a banana with the tip of the knife, the message will appear in the morning and make you smile at dessert time.

Like a cheese platter

Pane & acqua Do you love cheese and have little time for lunch? Why not make yourself a little gourmet platter from time to time? A small selection of cheeses, crackers or bread, a little jam or chutney and some fruit ... Quick to prepare and delicious to eat, you bet that you will be the envy of your lunch break?

A geometric fruit salad

Pane & acqua To stimulate appetite, aesthetics are just as important as taste. Take the time to properly present your takeout: it's a simple way to take care of yourself and make the most of your lunch break. Rather than eating mechanically in front of your computer or your files, you will take the time to admire your lunch box before tasting it. A fruit salad cut into perfect cubes and tidy, it doesn't take much time to prepare and it makes all the difference!

Maki express!

Pane & Acqua Today, take-out maki or sushi is a classic lunch break, but the often high price makes it a luxury that you may not be able to afford on rare occasions. Why not make them yourself in a simplified version? Sushi rice, an avocado cut into sticks, fresh cheese and a few leaves of nori seaweed are enough to roll delicious healthy and fresh maki! They may not be perfect the first time around, but with a little training you will quickly get amazing results.

An arty salad

Pane & acqua Weariness is your number 1 enemy in your fight to take (and keep!) Good eating habits. To avoid it, have fun, and make your lunch a fleeting work of art. The Japanese are very good at creating kawaii lunch boxes (= cute), but you can also opt for something more sober. Here, a simple destructured pasta and vegetable salad plays Mondrian-style tables… until it's time to mix it up!

A creative sandwich

Pane & acqua Even a simple sandwich can quickly turn into an inspiring support! Vary the pleasures with original ingredients (dried fruit, strips of candied ginger), a seed bread and play with your favorite sauces and condiments to create colorful graphics every day.

Rice ? No, onigiri!

Pane & acqua The Japanese are bento pros, and know how to transform even the smallest rice dish into a pretty appetizing composition. Get inspired and learn how to make onigiri, these simple plump triangles of Japanese rice just embellished with a small folded sheet of nori seaweed. Easy to make and eat, they are infinitely available if you vary the sauces and side vegetables.

Chewable spring rolls

Pane & acqua Are you for minimalist bentos or do you always forget your place settings? Think of the spring rolls! Just roll a mixture of cucumber sticks, rice noodles, bean sprouts, salad leaves, grated carrots and prawns in a rice sheet to get a complete dish that is easy to take and eat with your fingers. . You can also adapt the recipe to accommodate leftovers or vary the flavors.