The bird cage: home decoration accessory

The bird cage: home decoration accessory

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A strong symbol of decoration, the bird cage is the focus in our interiors, and even in the garden. It inspires designers who customize and divert it. It brings a touch of poetry, exoticism and magic to the house. We love its romantic charm that works alone or in combination to create trendy decorative paintings. So to find out how to use the bird cage in your decor, discover our 10 inspirations.

The bird cage for the little ones

mabelleétoile Decorative object or child's toy? It's up to you to choose, but there are many textile variations of the bird cage, from a patchwork of fabric in a very trendy DIY spirit. Source: zozio / my beautiful star

Object diversion?

wayfair No limit to creativity! The bird cage is here a decorative and functional object, diverted into a book hold for an unusual library that does not take itself seriously.

In a child's bedroom, an original decorative pendant light

mathieu challières The bird cage is this time revisited in a light and colorful way, refined and original. Placed in a child's room, it is reminiscent of an aerial mobile.

A bird cage for the exotic

andreabrooksinteriors In this chic dining room, the cage stands in the center of the majestic table. Its shape evokes a pagoda. Inspired by traditional Chinese models, the cage is here a decorative element tinged with discreet exoticism and envy for elsewhere! The marriage of an interior with a sober and elegant line with some strong accessories such as this cage works wonderfully!

A romantic and old-fashioned atmosphere

comptoirdefamille In this interior, make way for romanticism with a bird cage inspired by traditional Indian cages. The combination with wrought iron, powdery tones and rose patterns bring a British cottage spirit to this set. Make way for sweetness and poetry.

The bird cage becomes furniture

claudecartier / anouschkapotdevin The ultimate aerial motif, here is an original idea to reprocess the bird cage in XXL format. Like a hanging chair, the bird cage becomes a movable object and structures the space. Nothing prevents then from building around it a real staging, a trendy jungle decoration for example. Source: Claude Cartier Decoration

A flea market spirit, deliciously retro

loftetdependances This summer, we are going to the flea markets in search of these aged bird cages, which we keep as they are, in a vintage spirit assumed! On an industrial console, in a workshop, they will find their place for a retro rendering. Source: loft and outbuildings

A chic pendant lamp

hedofoodia / sunsetascete A cabinet of curiosities, the bird cage blends into a dark decor, rich in materials such as wood, leather and some animal accessories. In a golden finish, it lights up the room.

The bird cage is growing green

rosesbyclaire If there is a perfect association with the bird cage, it is that of nature and plants. We find it diverted and flowered in the center of a table or dressed in overflowing ivy - as if invaded by nature - and punctuated by a few candle jars, hanging from the branch of a tree. Poetic, lush, the bird cage becomes a bucolic element that tells a story.