Christmas decor: Chalet style according to Barbara

Christmas decor: Chalet style according to Barbara

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If you think about it, Christmas is a bit our chalet all year round, this friendly and warm refuge which allows us to regain strength. No wonder the mountain chalet style works just as well for Christmas decoration. And if you need additional proof, discover how the Chalet style of Maisons du Monde sends wood for Christmas!

Doe, oh my doe

Maisons du Monde In its glass shelter, this doe wisely waits for Christmas to happen. An example to follow for those who are impatient with the idea of ​​opening their gifts. Christmas ball doe {rel = "nofollow"} in 8 cm glass, set of 6, Maisons du Monde, € 29.94


Maisons du Monde With the king of the forest imprinted on your plates, you are putting all the chances on your side so that your Christmas table looks royal. White porcelain {rel = "nofollow"} plate with deer print, set of 2, Maisons du Monde, 13.98 euros

For hot chocolates

Maisons du Monde Bundled up in their protection, these mugs are just waiting for your hot chocolates to share for a well-deserved Christmas snack. We don't forget cookies of course! Earthenware mug {rel = "nofollow"} taupe, set of 4, Maisons du Monde, 19.96 euros

The snow falls

Maisons du Monde A winter symbol par excellence, these pine cones, as if gathered under the snow, have their place everywhere in the house. We never tire. Snow-capped pine cone {rel = "nofollow"} for fir, set of 12, Maisons du Monde, 6 euros

Fir wood

Maisons du Monde From its height of 30 centimeters, this beautiful wooden tree comes back to basics: a natural color, a refined shape and pretty drawn stars. You could say it has it all! Decorative wooden tree {rel = "nofollow"} natural color H 30 cm, Maisons du Monde, 6.99 euros

Nice trophy

Maisons du Monde This white deer trophy (for false ones of course) will naturally find its place in your interior to watch over the little angels of the house. White deer painting {rel = "nofollow"} 25 x 40 cm, Maisons du Monde, 29.99 euros

With all my heart

Maisons du Monde As a reminder of the wooden hearts used as decoration in Savoy, this Christmas garland symbolizes all the love of this holiday. Decorative garland hearts {rel = "nofollow"} 130 cm, Maisons du Monde, 5.99 euros

A rough diamond

Maisons du Monde This pretty candle holder, ready to welcome light, looks like a rough diamond with its many facets. A little imagination and you could think it came out of the mine of the forest dwarfs. Two-tone candle holder {rel = "nofollow"} in wood H 7 cm, Maisons du Monde, 4.99 euros

Under the tree

Maisons du Monde At the foot of the tree, there are gifts but also this wonderful woven basket. Use the second basket in this series to store your logs. 2 woven baskets {rel = "nofollow"} L 30 and L 40 cm, Maisons du Monde, 49.98 euros


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