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10 new kitchens by Ixina

10 new kitchens by Ixina

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Looking for a new kitchen that combines trendy lines and practical furnishings? Ixina supports you in choosing your fitted kitchen according to your style and your desires. To inspire you, we invite you to discover 10 new kitchens signed by the brand. Presentation

Contemporary cuisine

Ixina If you are looking for a family kitchen, turn to a model with classic lines revisited. So this kitchen offers cupboards with slight reliefs in a very bright white color. The wooden worktop ensures a friendly and trendy spirit. The kitchen finds its place in all interiors.

An original designer kitchen

Ixina For a designer touch in your kitchen, bet on a modern and refined model where white furniture is combined with stainless steel elements. The originality of this kitchen is found in the fronts of cupboards which consist of several slats which provide a graphic style.

Glamorous cuisine

Ixina Because the kitchen can also have its touch of femininity, you can bet on purple furniture that will energize the whole room. We associate purple with very modern lines and we avoid the total look by also choosing white furniture.

A kitchen for all configurations

Ixina Finally, because your kitchen is also a story of location, Ixina offers furniture for all space configurations. L-shaped, I-shaped or with an island kitchen, there is something for everyone.

A cuisine with character

Ixina If you want an out of the ordinary kitchen, you can bet on highly textured wooden furniture that you will mix with cream furniture in very designer lines. The kitchen is very designer with a touch of character.

A cuisine that combines trends

Ixina This kitchen, which has a nice work surface, combines two very fashionable trends. There is indeed a part of the furniture in a chic and timeless gray color and another in wood for a more natural touch. Everything is modern and warm.

A designer kitchen

Ixina Ixina also offers designer cuisine inspired by the world of professionals. The furniture is lacquered and reflects the light, the worktops are generous and the household appliances omnipresent. Cuisine worthy of great chefs!

Simple cooking

Ixina To surf the Scandinavian trend and its simple and functional design, Ixina offers a practical model that combines white wooden furniture with light wood details. The whole is bright and warm for an easy-going kitchen.

Urban cuisine

Ixina To give an urban look to your kitchen, opt for a model that incorporates the codes of a design style that is inspired by big cities. You will be able to bet on furniture that combines white with gray parts and stainless steel details.


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