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Exotic inspirations for the bedroom

Exotic inspirations for the bedroom

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In summer, we are not the only ones asking for vacations. The bedroom also requires its dose of change of scenery, ideal for cutting with the daily routine at rest. Here are 10 that show the example, destination elsewhere!


Goal ### Furnished with a bed and a bedside table in braided kubu, the bedroom escapes straight into the tropics.


Ikéa ### Dotted here and there, cushions printed with a world map create a globetrotter note that sows a change of scenery in the bedroom.


Goal ### Above the bed, a collection of African masks is enough to plant an ethnic decor that makes the room travel in two stages, three movements.


Goal ### Planted in the middle of the bedroom, a majestic canopy bamboo bed takes its inhabitants to Asia. Change of scenery in the first row.


Blanc des Vosges ### Above the bed, a large fabric adorned with geometric patterns becomes an unusual headboard of ethnic inspiration. And the scenery is created.

Japanese style

La Redoute ### Clean decor, curved bed, woven bamboo pendant; and Asia invites itself into the bedroom.


Maisons du Monde ### In search of a change of scenery, the bedroom simply chooses to take the air, on the terrace or in the garden thanks to the trend of outdoor beds.


La Redoute ### Thanks to the woven rattan, covering a bed, bedside table and armchair, the room lets itself be guided by its desires of exoticism which are good for morale.


Goal ### Bamboo in all its forms: pendant lamp, floor lamp or green plant is the very key to this room, absolutely Japanese.