Chez Chloé et Nicolas: an apartment with the air of a house

Chez Chloé et Nicolas: an apartment with the air of a house

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It was in 2007 that Chloé and Nicolas fell in love with this 90 m2 Lyon apartment and its surprising 30 m2 terrace. The couple will completely reverse the configuration of the property: they will decide to make the ground floor the sleeping area and the upstairs the living room-kitchen-living area. They will supervise the works taking into account their timing and budget requirements. When their friends visit them they like to say that they feel like they are in a house with this beautiful space open to the outside. It is this compliment that most touches Chloé, mother of Camille 7 years old and Antoine 4 years old.

The green terrace

Cloporte The lounge area opens onto a 30 m2 terrace on which the family has installed a pretty pergola and enjoys a breathtaking view of the Lyon skyline.

Flowers on the terrace

Cloporte Camille often takes photos from the terrace. The apartment is located on the 7th and last floor of the building the view is completely unobstructed. Many plants decorate this beautiful, warm space with gray weathered wooden floors.

A bright and simple living room

Cloporte Chloé likes clean spaces with some beautiful pieces, each of which has its story. The living room is organized around an imposing Roche-Bobois sofa.

The importance of Africa in decoration

Cloporte Before her birth, Chloé's parents lived for a long time in Senegal and she remains convinced that Africa has still left its mark on her. Therefore, we find in all the rooms of the house objects brought back from Senegal, from trips to Black Africa or bought in Galleries.

Travel souvenir

Cloporte Lately the family has been in Reunion, they brought back in their luggage hats which found a place on this large wooden figure from South Africa. Travel memories are of great importance for Chloé and Nicolas.

Camille's daughter's room

Cloporte When you go down the stairs you therefore access the bedrooms. Camille's Room is a real girl's room all dressed in pink. The bed and the furniture come from Ikea.

Girly detail in the bedroom

Cloporte No doubt here we are in a girly room. The little girl herself chose her decor and she gives pride of place to her toys, especially her head to style. The latter wears a beautiful crown of flowers, the essential and fashionable accessory.

Antoine's room

Cloporte Next to Camille's room we find Antoine's lair. A pretty, bright boy's room. For the sleeping area, Chloé and Nicolas opted for a pretty honey parquet.

Graphic detail in Antoine's room

Cloporte Chloé's mom found these pretty illustrations with the sounds of The Nutcracker. The posters were framed and placed above the little boy's bed for a vintage chic decorative touch.

The parental suite

Cloporte Here we are in the parents' room, which has a small balcony and a small adjoining bathroom. Here too we discover small African decorative touches that Chloé has associated with designer objects such as the Pipistrello lamps. There are also small silver decorative pieces in the bedroom (including Chloé's grandmother's candy box) and in the rest of the apartment. The young woman and her husband are particularly fond of these decorative silver elements.

Kitchen open to the living room

Cloporte The kitchen (Mobalpa) plays an important role in the upstairs living space, it houses a beautiful wine cellar and its bar is very friendly for enjoying a coffee while enjoying the view.


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