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Design idea: your decorated living rooms

Design idea: your decorated living rooms

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The living room is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the house or apartment. It is there that you receive guests, that you find your family and that your decoration is visible to all those who are passing through your home. The participants of "Your decor in the headlines" therefore made the choice to look after their decor, to personalize their space, express their creativity or simply welcome their guests in a warm environment.

Ancient and modern

Sylvie and her family decided to combine the old with the modern in their large house. For example, their living room combines exposed stone, old furniture and a fairly contemporary relaxation area with a very modern sofa and table.

Oriental living room

Régine dreamed of warmth, color and escape. Her passion for the Orient therefore pushed her to make her centerpiece a real Moroccan living room. You could almost believe it!

Oriental living room

Driven by the same passion as Régine, Marlène also wanted to recreate a Moroccan riad-style lounge. Placed outside this time, she can fully enjoy the sweet evenings of the South of France.

Old-style living room

Change of scenery with this resident who wanted to decorate his living room with old objects. Offering a warm atmosphere, this house is a real flea market!

Old-style living room

Still in old tones, Patrick has kept a beautiful fireplace and opted for the exposed stones on the wall. The old wooden chest in the corner of the room accentuates this "old-fashioned" atmosphere.

Old-style living room

Nicolas wanted to keep the old style of his country house. Paintings on the walls, chandeliers and furniture marked by time, everything is there to go back a few years.

Modern living room

David's house is a reflection of his personality. He likes subdued, discreet atmospheres, where garish colors are excluded. The lights are deliberately soft to create a zen and warm atmosphere, with a touch of modernity.

Modern living room

For the decoration of their main room, this couple chose a design and sober atmosphere, combining different materials: plastic, wood, fur, metal ... In order to create this modern decoration, it is the mixture of pistachio colors, black and metallic gray who won.

Modern living room

In the same spirit, Sabrina has completely redecorated her apartment in the attic. White on the walls, a gray corner sofa, and an astonishing design table whose colors match the other elements of the room.

Classic living room

Joséphine's original idea was to make her living room functional and warm despite its small surface area. She opted for a marriage between square and cold shapes and round and soft touches. All accompanied by chic and timeless tones giving a Haussmannian spirit to the room.

Classic living room

Maxime wanted to give a touch of color to his room. He opted for purple, which can be found on the sofa, the carpet, the cushions and the curtains. On the wall, some pop art style pictures, on which the whole family can be found.

Zen living room

DR For her living room, Ludivine wanted light tones that contrast with her dark floor. So she painted her wall in gray and chose light curtains. Ludivine also appreciates the "Zen" atmospheres, which is why she placed plants in the corners of her living room and she dressed her wall with this big image of pebbles. Finally, the small mirrors fit perfectly into the whole room.

A very "natural" lounge

DR Like Ludivine, Sandy likes "Zen" salons where nature has its place. She therefore played with the different variations of green that can be found on the walls, on the cousins ​​and on the lamp. To keep the theme of nature, green is associated with brown.

Ingrid's sleek living room

DR Ingrid likes to collect furniture and repaint it to give it a new look. In her living room, she repainted the furniture under the television to give it a very trendy old look. The imposing gray coffee table made of braided straw fits into the whole room. It is surmounted by a glass plate and an urban image which creates a contemporary effect. The wrought iron bedside lamp and the decorative objects next to it anchor the room in a flea market atmosphere.

Design and contemporary living room

DR In her living room with exposed beams, Alice wanted a contemporary and design decoration. So she chose a black corner sofa and a modern coffee table. The cushions and the plaid bring a touch of color to the whole room.


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