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Airbnb: Areski's design apartment

Airbnb: Areski's design apartment

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After Georges' loft in Montmartre, our Airbnb journey continues this week in Paris again, but this time between République and Bastille. Areski opens the doors of its beautiful designer apartment of 90 m²…

It's all in the details

Airbnb Areski has created a real decor in his apartment. We really like the Araignée luminaire signed Serge Mouille installed here in a wall light version.

Night corner

Airbnb In this large room of 30 m², the sofa part is separated from the sleeping area by a clever - and aesthetic - low storage unit. There, after the yellow, we adopt the chic and soothing dark gray for the night.

The bed

Airbnb In the bedroom, Areski chose an old wooden bed with an Art Deco design. The bed is cleverly placed in the corner while the space is enlarged by a large mirror placed on the floor.

Bright living room

Airbnb The living room is bright, divided into a sitting area, a dining area and a library area.

Library on the right slope

Airbnb Nice use of space with these custom shelves that respect the slope of the wall to make it a graphic element.

Dining Area

Airbnb The dining area is overlooked by a beautiful pendant lamp. The round glass table goes perfectly with the retro green chairs.

Living room

Airbnb The lounge area is warm with oriental carpet and vintage armchair.

Blue and white bathroom

Airbnb The bathroom becomes functional. We like the combination of colored cement tiles with more sober white tiles with blue border.


Airbnb As for the kitchen, we continue with the cement tiles used here as a splashback. More info: Areski's announcement


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