Discover the new Amadeus collection

Discover the new Amadeus collection

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The Amadeus spring-summer collection promises to be rich in unique decorative styles and accessories. On the program: romantic and charming furniture, diverted objects and pastel colors. We let you discover all this in pictures.

Spring patterns

Amadeus In anticipation of sunny days, it's time to tackle the spring decor. We put on flowered accessories like cushions or on a tea service with butterfly patterns, full of sweetness.

Apothecary bottles

Amadeus Very trendy this season, the bottles of apothecary storm our interior. In the living room or dining room, several are installed along the length of a sideboard for a very successful decorative effect. You can also slide small flowers into it to transform them into a vase.

Wooden hands

Amadeus To bring a unique touch to your decor, bet on singular accessories like these two articulated wooden hands. Originally used by fine art students to study the movements of the joints, they are discovered as original decorative objects at Amadeus.

An old buffet

Amadeus To complete the ambiance of a bistro or family-house style cuisine, you can opt for a large wooden buffet. It goes perfectly with a flea market decoration and vintage objects such as an old pendulum or a pitcher in zinc.

On a boat

Amadeus If like us you already have a desire for a holiday by the sea, bet on accessories that will make you feel like you are there. With these white wooden trays and cord handles, you can soak up the sun from breakfast.

Seaside style

Amadeus You can also bet on a total seaside look decor to be on vacation all year round. We adopt for this small white wooden furniture and boat accessories such as a lantern and a compass revisited in pendulum.

Flowered accessories

Amadeus Small spring flowers make their show in the new Amadeus collection. We particularly like them in a cup and tray in pink tones which bring a lot of femininity for a snack between girls for example.

A Monoyer ladder

Amadeus In this new collection of Amadeus, objects are diverted from their primary function. Used in ophthalmologists to test visual acuity, the Monoyer scale is also very decorative in an old retro style setting.

A romantic lounge

Amadeus Elegant patterns and pastel colors are the essential elements of a room with a romantic spirit. In the living room, opt for a pretty gray wooden chest of drawers and upholstered fabric armchairs in beige tones.