Fill & Serve by Brita, the filter carafe changes shape

Fill & Serve by Brita, the filter carafe changes shape

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Because it is essential to be able to hydrate yourself properly throughout the day, Brita, the specialist in filtered water launches Fill & Serve. As a world premiere in France and Australia, the brand presents this new innovative and aesthetic filter bottle! , has associated itself with this event and invites you to come back to its press presentation held this afternoon at the premises of the Parisian good plans website, My Little Paris. Discovery in pictures!

A new way to drink with pleasure and style!

Aurore Hervé At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this bottle with an ergonomic design, light and impact resistant. Bonus, it has a capacity of 1.3 liters, the equivalent of water that is recommended to drink every day.

Simplified use

Aurore Hervé To use Fill & Serve it's simple! Just remove the cap and fill the container inside the bottle with tap water. In a few seconds, voila!

An amazing visual experience

Aurore Hervé Selected for the Grand Prix of innovation at the Paris Fair which is currently taking place, this bottle with an unexpected and modern design offers an amazing visual experience during water filtration. Water flows from one container to another, with two different water levels which eventually harmonize.

A concentrate of innovation

Aurore Hervé Exclusive technology signed by Brita, the Fill & Serve filter disc effectively reduces chlorine and other taste-altering substances thanks to its carbon block technology. Enough to satisfy people looking for an ecological alternative to traditional plastic water bottles.

Fill & Serve optimizes tap water thanks to its filter disc

Aurore Hervé Specially designed to improve the taste of cold drinks, the filter disc transforms tap water into filtered tasting water in seconds. Note that it is recommended to change the filter disc every four weeks (150 liters) and that it is preferable to rinse the new disc under water for thirty seconds to optimize its performance.

The Brita Memo

Aurore Hervé Innovative, the Brita Memo reminds you in good time of the right time to replace the filter disc. After installing the new drive, simply hold down the "Start" button until all four bars on the screen appear and flash twice. When all the bars are gone, it's time to change the filter. Easy as pie !

Three dynamic colors

Aurore Hervé Color teal blue, red fruit or graphite, it's up to you to choose the model of your Fill & Serve filter bottle.

An economical alternative

Aurore Hervé At the editorial office, we like to show you products at low prices. It's done today with the Fill & Serve water bottle. An economical alternative, the average cost price of a liter of water for this clever bottle is only a few cents. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Paris already conquered by Fell & Serve!

Aurore Hervé For the occasion, Brita and its filter bottle with a sober and refined design slipped onto the immaculate table of My Little Paris, in the midst of origami-style creations by Adrien De Melo, objects designed for Tolix by Frédéric Gaunet and industrial style lamps by Violaine Harcourt. These beautiful pieces were just waiting for one thing, that we look at them from all angles!


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