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Airbnb: the Margaux architect's apartment in the Marais

Airbnb: the Margaux architect's apartment in the Marais

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Last week, for our Airbnb visits, we were in Montmartre with Areski and his colorful apartment. This week, with Margaux, we are turning to the Marais side to discover an intelligently renovated apartment with sobriety ...

Graphic set of materials

Airbnb The paneled walls respond to the graphically decorated white walls.

Open kitchen and smart storage

Airbnb All along the walls, camouflaged by the elegant paneling, there are clever storage - and the entrances to the toilets and the bathroom.

Elegant kitchen island

Airbnb In the kitchen, there is a very beautiful black and wood island, compact and elegant.

Well thought out spaces

Airbnb The space has been well thought out and each function is well defined.

Open kitchen and dining room

Airbnb From the kitchen island, you can easily reach the dining area which respects the spirit of the apartment: elegant in wood and black.

Bedroom and office

Airbnb Separated from the rest of the apartment by a luminous glass roof, the bedroom is available in white and wood. The corner window is skillfully operated by a custom desk with a view over the rooftops.

Dream dressing

Airbnb Dressing made to measure and well thought out with wooden facade in continuity with the rest of the apartment.

Italian shower

Airbnb In the bathroom, we really like this sober Italian shower. The sink area is functional and elegant.

Cozy toilet

Airbnb The toilets are warm with rattan trophies on the wall. More info: Margaux's announcement