Focus on the playful design of Koziol

Focus on the playful design of Koziol

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Koziol is one of those brands that have decided to bring good humor into the home. And we can say that the bet is successful because the design of Koziol is fun and colorful to create beautiful surprises in the house. Discover 10 almost cult creations!

Babell fruit holder

Koziol This is undoubtedly the most emblematic creation of Koziol. This practical servant can be disassembled to form three cups or stacked to offer a design and practical structure that can be used for all meals.

The Stixx partition

Koziol To create a separation without actually closing the space, the partitions imagined by Koziol are both practical and original. These are in fact individual elements which allow the creation of original panels.

The Pott 2.0 egg cup

Koziol Eating eggs in style? It is possible with this playful creation Koziol which revisits the egg cup by giving it the form of an MP3 player. What put a little originality on the table.

The Dr. K medicine cabinet

Koziol Koziol also plays the originality card in the bathroom with a colorful medicine cabinet which displays the caduceus, the emblem of pharmacists. What to treat all the small sores.

Spicies salt and pepper shakers

Koziol At the table, we play the card of originality with this set of salt and pepper shakers that takes the form of an angel and a devil. You will no longer risk making a mistake between the two!

PI spikes: P

Koziol To give style to the aperitif, Koziol uses pikes with the motif of a little bird installed on a tree that serves as a display. We leave the toothpicks in the closet and adopt these chic spikes!

The PI: P jewelry holder

Koziol After the spades tree, here is the jewelry tree, the branches of which will accommodate your necklaces and bracelets in a very decorative way when you are not wearing them.

The Bottichelli basket

Koziol When Koziol revisits the basin, it gives a designer container that can be used for dishes, laundry or storage. And why not make a champagne bucket?

Ahoi juicer

Koziol Starting the day with orange juice will give you vitamins and if you squeeze it with this boat-shaped citrus juicer, you will have a little good humor in the morning.