Maisons du Monde: our top 10 favorites for the garden in 2015

Maisons du Monde: our top 10 favorites for the garden in 2015

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Picnic table, rattan garden furniture, flashy blue shade veil, graphic outdoor carpet, for the decoration of our garden this summer, Maisons de Monde has thought of everything. The proof in pictures with our 10 favorites!

Furniture for small spaces

Maisons du Monde To enjoy sweet moments for two in the garden or on the balcony, this table and chair set in recycled wood and metal is ideal. Its little decorative touch that charms us: a very relaxing seaside spirit. 249.90 euros per set

A refined lounge chair

Maisons du Monde With its curves and raw finish, this lounge chair will add a touch of authenticity to the garden. 169.90 euros

A picnic table

Maisons du Monde Does that mean a picnic on the terrace? If so, adopt this table without further delay which reminds us of the rest areas on the holiday road ... € 299.90 per set

Rattan bench

Maisons du Monde The large natural rattan braiding of this bench seat did not fail to seduce the editorial staff! Combined with taupe cushions, the atmosphere is very soothing. 899.90 euros

A flashy shade veil

Maisons du Monde This year, relegate the parasol to the cupboard and adopt a shade veil in flashy colors for the terrace or the garden. In addition to being very decorative, this model is water resistant and will therefore protect your furniture when the rain hits the tip of its nose. 49.90 euros

A teak corner sofa

Maisons du Monde For a sober, contemporary but nonetheless natural design on your terrace, bet on this teak corner sofa perfect for bringing family and friends together for an aperitif. 1299 euros

Double sunbathing

Maisons du Monde Nice, this double lounge-style sundeck when you want to enjoy the sun with your partner by the pool! 569.90 euros

An outdoor rug

Maisons du Monde Want to add a touch of freshness to your concrete terrace? Easy with this graphic carpet that has fun with turquoise! Weatherproof and washable, this outdoor rug will undoubtedly be your decorative ally this summer. 89.99 euros

Braided rope hanging chair

Maisons du Monde Favorite for this hanging chair designed in white braided rope that reminds us of macramé. More original than a hammock, it will have a small effect in the garden. 89.99 euros


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