The beauty secrets of the bathroom

The beauty secrets of the bathroom

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These 10 bathrooms, sometimes glamorous, sometimes romantic, reveal their beauty secrets to us.

Frilly lighting

Ikéa ### Inspired by tutus of star dancers, this generous tulle floor lamp does more than just light up the bathroom. It also offers him delicacy and grace.

A precious color code

Delpha ### Dressed in powder pink / lilac and enhanced by silver reflections, the bathroom is precious. A charm to which it is difficult to be indifferent.

Girly accessories exhibition

Paragraph ### On the front of the stage, creams, perfumes, exfoliation products, but also a toiletry bag, a hair brush and some jewelry set the tone. After all, why should we hide these candy pink accessories that accompany our beauty and wellness sessions in the bathroom?

A surprise hairdresser

Lapeyre ### Although hidden behind the cabinet doors, this vanity area with light mirror, beauty products and built-in storage gives the charm of this bathroom. Because once discovered, it creates the wonder of any self-respecting fashionista.

A touch of nature

Ikea ### Between necklaces of pearls multiplied by tens and a splendid luminous mirror, two white roses in a vase brings a romantic and glamorous note in the bathroom. Because a touch of nature always works on the side of women, even in their bathroom!

Romantic patterns

Leroy Merlin ### It is surrounded by butterflies and flowers that we take a bath in this room. The romantic patterns are accomplices of the 100% feminine atmospheres.

A lion-footed bathtub

Cedam ### Chic and retro, the lion-footed bathtub perched on its 4 feet and revealing pretty curves, magnifies the bathroom, giving it an elegant and feminine touch.

A floral frieze

Point P ### After flowers in a vase, we ask for flowers on the walls! This is at least the bias of this bathroom whose frieze of poppies is the key to the decor. Naturally chic.

Feminine colors

Mezquita Muebles ### Purple, pink, red: when these colors reach the bathroom, they certainly give it a girly and feminine touch. To marry with other colors to strengthen (black), soften (white) or balance the atmosphere (gray).