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When the patterns come to the table

When the patterns come to the table

And if we dared the patterns on the table decoration? Perfect for energizing or theming a table in the blink of an eye, they can be installed on dishes as well as table linen. To inspire you and find your motif, here are 10 table decorations that invite the motif to express itself.

Checkered towels

Saber Table linen will obviously be your ally to bring patterns on your table. After the tablecloth, the napkins are dressed in patterns like here with delicate tiles.

Patterned cutlery

Saber The motif can find its place in many ways. Here, the cutlery brings the graphic touch to the decor with sleeves dressed in stripes.

Striped plates

Jean Vier For a dynamic table, we adopt striped dishes that will not fail to highlight the foods that will be in the center of the plate.

Gourmet plates

Geneviève Lethu For a gourmet meal, you can adopt patterns that represent pastries. It will be ideal for tea time or for a themed tea time.

Plates with chic patterns

Fly Please be aware that the patterns are not incompatible with a design style table decor. We will then choose a graphic and geometric pattern in chic colors such as gray, black and white.

Plates with revisited patterns

Pied de poule At Pied de Poule, we revisit the traditional patterned plates with a fluorescent strip that brings a contemporary and offbeat touch to the table.

A patterned tray

Linum To give style to your table decor, install some dishes on a patterned tray which will be useful for going back and forth in the kitchen.

Polka dot bowls

Spoiler For a retro atmosphere, bet on peas! You will then adopt colored dishes with large white dots that will give your table an atmosphere of yesteryear in the countryside. Ideal for breakfast!

Southern patterned tableware

Guy Degrenne Finally, to give a special atmosphere to your table, know that the patterns are real allies. With these dishes with olive patterns, we immediately find ourselves in the sun of the south of France.