One room, several activities

One room, several activities

Due to lack of space, several activities are now concentrated in a single room which must then be well organized. To help you organize your interior well when the different rooms mix, here are 10 inspirations in pictures.

A bedroom and a living room

Fly Likewise, be aware that a master suite can easily accommodate a small living room within the bedroom itself for moments of relaxation that do not encroach on the sleeping area.

A dining room and an office

Alinéa This space evolves with the rhythm of the inhabitants' day. During the day, the table serves as an office and we use the shelves that contain books and during meals we rather settle down to eat using the dishes stored in the same space.

A bedroom and a TV lounge

Alinéa In this teenage bedroom, the space is used both for sleeping thanks to the mezzanine and TV space for a moment of relaxation with friends. Overlaying here makes it possible to multiply activities.

Entrance and dressing room

Paragraph If you do not have the space to store your clothes in your room but you have a large entrance, do not hesitate to invest it by installing a practical wardrobe.

A living room and an office

Ikea In this large room, the living room coexists with a desk that can be forgotten by settling against the wall. It then fits perfectly with the rest of the furniture for a harmonious room.

A living room, an office and a library

Ikea In this living room, the space is shared between a friendly living room, a work space and a more intimate corner that serves as a reading space. The different activities are well demarcated visually while offering harmony in style.

A friendly lounge and a TV lounge

Ikea In this large living room, two types of space find their place. On the one hand, there is a friendly living room where to receive friends and on the other a TV area. The trick to make everything possible: sofas that are installed in opposite directions.

A living room and a workshop

Ikea The most creative can set up their workshop by placing storage furniture and an easel behind the sofa so as to delimit the spaces and not interfere with the living room area.

A bedroom and a workspace

Ikea In this room shared by several children, we installed a large table and a sofa so that everyone can find their place to make drawings or read a book.