Space saving mission in the teenage bedroom

Space saving mission in the teenage bedroom

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They lock themselves in there for hours and hours, and yet their bedroom is not necessarily the most spacious room in the house. Besides pushing back the walls, the other ideal alternative for our teens is to multiply space-saving arrangements in order to have a maximum of square meters on the ground. Great mix of ideas.

A stool for the office

Paragraph ### Practical, the stool fitted with a chest accommodates school supplies, a reserve of paper and other work materials which could not find their place on the desk. Very discreet storage, but really effective!

A wall dressing table

Castorama ### Okay for a dressing table corner, provided it takes up little space. Ideally, a model like this one which, fixed to the wall, does not clutter the floor.

A wall shelf as a desk

Castorama ### Still in the saga "wall furniture", we vote for shelves that can be fixed to the wall and that act as desks for teenagers. An ultra discreet and space-saving workspace. Everything we need.

A recessed wall

Leroy Merlin ### When there is a lack of space, there is no question of not exploiting the irregularities in the room such as the wall recesses! Although small, these spaces often allow you to accommodate a series of shelves, a fabric storage to hang from the ceiling, a dressing area or even a desk.

A high bed

Paragraph ### Perched on a mezzanine, the most cumbersome of bedroom furniture frees the floor to the delight of the benches, desks and walk-in closets which, until now, had struggled to find a place.

High storage space

Leroy Merlin ### Let us take advantage of the walls to store books and trinkets and thus gain maximum floor space.

Dual function storage

Goal ### Multifunctional objects are the best accomplices of small spaces. An example for a teenager? A giant storage trunk also serving as a coffee table, around which they will receive their friends.

Multi-support bars

Goal ### Hanging on the wall or on the mezzanine, multi-support bars accommodate all kinds of storage: magazine holder, CD holder, pencil holder holder… Helping hand save space at the office corner!

Small space for 2

Leroy Merlin ### The trick to accommodate two teenage bedrooms in one and thus take up a hell of a space-saving challenge: arrange the beds opposite and separate the room using removable blinds