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Wicker in my spring decor

Wicker in my spring decor

If like us, the arrival of spring makes you want natural materials in your interior, bet on wicker. Furniture, accessories and baskets are taking over the decor. Discover 10 ways to install wicker at home.

In laundry basket

A bathroom with a contemporary look can also accommodate wicker accessories. For example, we advise you to opt for a large basket that will act as a laundry basket.

A toy basket

So that children no longer leave their toys lying around in the living room, we install a large wicker basket in which plush and dolls will find refuge after a good game.


Very original, these wicker deer and buffalo heads are a snub to the eternal cardboard or resin trophies. With their childish features, we hang them without hesitation in a child's room.

A basket in magazine rack

To play the card of originality in the living room, we put on objects diverted from their primary function. Positioned next to the sofa, this wicker basket becomes a unique decorative magazine rack.

A table in the kitchen

In a family-style kitchen, you can definitely opt for a pretty wicker table. We choose it preferably round and surround it with wooden chairs in retro design.

A tealight holder

Make it original in your living room decor by opting for a tealight holder like no other. This wicker model looks like a little bird's nest in which we place a flat and sober candle.

Put away the towels

Very decorative in a natural spirit bathroom, we put on two large rectangular wicker baskets. Tucked under the sink, you can store towels or beauty products.

Banquettes for the terrace

Wicker is once again taking over our terraces this season. We therefore install without restraint pretty benches in light natural tones like beige or gray.

By the swimming pool

Practical and decorative object by the pool: a wicker basket. You can slip towels as well as sarongs or sunscreen. More ideas here