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The new Graham & Brown wallpaper collection is retro, royal or gourmet

The new Graham & Brown wallpaper collection is retro, royal or gourmet

Fishing for innovations in wallpaper, we went through the 2012/2013 models signed Graham & Brown. We love its rich inspiration, sometimes royal, sometimes retro, sometimes replaced by "kitchen" or "gourmet" motifs, here is a brief overview.


Graham & Brown ### Back to seventies. The extravagant patterns of the disco years are expressed again on the living room wall, on a retro yellow air, and on a wave of trendy curves. Heart stroke !

Retro green

Graham & Brown ### Second example of a 100% retro wallpaper dressed in sharp patterns on a celadon green background. Notice to those nostalgic for the 70's…


Graham & Brown ### Extremely refined atmosphere looking for suitable wallpaper. It's found! Royal motifs and gold color as a bonus.


Graham & Brown ### Paying homage to the courtyard of the Buckingham Palace, the wallpapers never stop playing "royal" as demonstrated by this version high in princely crowns, each more beautiful than the last.

Brick wall

Graham & Brown ### When the loft spirit meets the trompe-l'oeil, we get a false gray brick wall that leaves you dreaming before you even play with us…


Graham & Brown ### High voltage for the wall. Displaying a series of radio frequencies on a blue background, this wallpaper creates a geometric and unusual atmosphere in the room.

Cupcakes party

Graham & Brown ### The capital sin of cooking? Greed. Her sweet sin? Cupcakes. The good news is that from now on, she is no longer hiding it, even having the pleasure of exhibiting it on its 4 walls, like in the window of a pastry shop.

Kitchen accessories

Graham & Brown ### In the kitchen, teapots, utensils, mugs, glasses, decanters and salad bowls have emancipated from the cupboards to reach the walls. Sometimes navy blue, sometimes sky blue, this frenzy of tableware has the chic to set the tone.


Graham & Brown ### Squares and rectangles, more or less large, jostle on this anthracite gray wallpaper awakened with small yellow and red touches in which we perceive an artist's seed.